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PADEL1969 manufactures what we believe are some of the best rackets and courts in the world.

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We have never been interested in competing, in compromising or in showing off. It’s not our thing. Instead, we keep making every product as if it was to be used by ourselves. By hand, with amazing materials, using proven old-school techniques in our workshops. Great racket and court are meant to be used for a long time.

Prestige is how you select.


Roger Federer

Introduction Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time. He has won 20 Grand Slam titles in singles, and he has spent 310 weeks as the world No.

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Movember Movement

What is Movember?

Helping men to live Happier, Healthier, and Longer lives! Movember is an annual event to raise awareness of men’s health issues, like cancer and especially prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

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Fernando Belasteguín

Fernando Belasteguín

The Youngest Padel Player Who became World No. 1 Title – He’s None Other Than Fernando Belasteguín a.k.a. Bela Imagine being 22 years old and winning the Padel World Championship.

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Inclusive Padel Tour logo

Inclusive Padel Tour

IPT is a padel tournament where people with and without disabilities can play and have fun together. Inclusive Padel Tour has a strong vision and mission The vision is to

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Martín Di Nenno

Martín Di Nenno

Martín Di Nenno, the Phoenix of the Padel Courts 19 years old and high on adrenaline win, full of potential, Martín was struck with tragedy. His padel career came to

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Juan Tello

Juan Tello is one of our highly anticipated athletes at Padel1969. As an Argentinian athlete, his career seems to be very promising, and if, like us, you are interested in

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TAMARA ICARDO is smiling

Tamara Icardo

Our latest star athlete is Tamara Icardo. This Padel player has been one to follow. If you want to know more about Tamara, read along with us as we will

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Sofía Araújo

Sofía Araújo

This week’s star pick is Sofía Araújo, Portugal’s pride. This week’s Padel Player is one that has been under everyone’s radar since her introduction to the WPT circuit, a ferocious

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Embracing big dreams is crucial as they serve as the catalysts that propel individuals to break barriers, conquer challenges, and unleash the extraordinary within, empowering them to reach unprecedented heights

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What Padel Level Am I? PADEL1969 will help you to grow.

What Padel Level am I?

Accurately assessing your Padel skill level will help you position yourself better and start your journey of leveling up. This comprehensive guide provides expert insights and practical tips to help

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