Global Padel Report 2023 – Key Takeaways

GLOBAL PADEL REPORT 2023 - Key takeaways

We are glad to summarize key takeways in format of executive summary of Global Padel Report 2023 by Deloitte and Playtomic.

It is certain about the fact that Padel has become a global sport, showcasting robust annual growth and promising signs of real traction in key-markets that will drive us to a 6 billion industry by 2026.

As always numerous factors contribute to this unstoppable social sport and entertainment phenomenon. Is it the unique dynamic of the game? Perhaps the fast pace and lengthy rallies? The inclusive spirit that allows almost everyone to participate? Even neuropsychologists are suggesting that this sport generates higher levels of dopamine and endorphins than any other.

Furthermore social interactions are fostering an interconnected global community that unleashes the power of our players. Data indicates that they desire to play anywhere, anytime and with any player at their skill level.

In this context of unwavering optimism, as an industry, we must also acknowledge that we have faced the challenges and excesses inherent to any rapidly expanding industry in certain markets. Let’s embrace this as an opportunity for growth. Rather than relying solely on our passion, let’s collectively establish a robust long-term business foundation to further develop this remarkable sport.

  1. Growth of Padel has not been confided to the post-COVID19 boom; there has been a continued surge in the construction of Padel courts and clubs, indicating sustained interest and investment in the sport.
  2. Padel is increasingly becoming a global sport, although the level of development and adoption varies across different countries, hinting at the varied growth potential in different markets.
  3. Over the next few years, the growth trajectory of Padel is expected to be characterized by significant impetus in regions where it’s still incipient, such as the UK, Germany, France, USA, Middle East, and Asia – underscoring the global expansion potential of the sport.
  4. As a result of this expansion by 2026, it’s anticipated that there will be around 85.000 Padel courts worldwide, more than doubling the current figure of nearly 40.000 indicating a strong growth perspective.
  5. However, Padel extends beyond the courts; an entire ecosystem currently valued at around €2bn is being built around the sport, and is expected to experience considerable growth in the coming years, driven by the ongoing professionalization of the sport, signaling significant opportunities for investment.
  6. Padel, despite being a relatively new sport, has gained substantial popularity due to its inclusivity and ability to cater to players of all ages and physical conditions.
  7. The Padel community is characterized by a nomadic trend, with many players engaging in the sport across multiple clubs and locations, fostering a dynamic and interconnected community.
  8. There exists a strong desire among Padel players to spend more time on the Padel court, often constrained by scheduling conflicts and limited court availability.
  9. The sport of Padel is often a social catalyst and means of exercise, with many players appreciating the opportunity to play with a variety of partners, enhancing the social and dynamic nature of the game.
  10. The appeal of Padel extends beyond competition with social interaction, physical fitness and the opportunity to meet new people being key motivators for players.

Source: Global Padel Report by Playtomic, Powered by Deloitte

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