Claudia Jensen Sirvent Will Take Padel by Storm

Claudia Jensen Sirvent

This article’s Padel star is the upcoming Claudia Jensen. This Padel Player has been on everyone’s top player list. Choosing her as our subject of interest will not stop with this introductory article. We advise you to watch for this young athlete for her potential record-breaking titles and tournaments. Please, read along if you want to know more about Claudia Jensen.

Who is Claudia Jensen

Claudia Jensen is an Argentinian Professional Padel Player. As of December 2023, she is ranked 11th in the official WPT rankings. Her career in professional padel is new in comparison to her peers. However, she has managed to climb the charts with hard work and dedication. According to the WPT’s statistics, Claudia Jensen has played 184 matches, of which she won 109 and lost 75, putting her winning percentage at 59.24%. Even so, Claudia has amassed a staggering 6447 points, advancing her far above many of her more experienced contemporaries. A feat that must be applauded and celebrated. As far as her record of consecutive wins, it amounts to a streak of 4 games won back-to-back.

In 2020, Claudia Jensen won a Junior World Cup in Castellón.

This Year, in 2023, Claudia Jensen made history as the youngest woman to reach the final of an Open on the World Padel Tour, only at 17 years and seven months old.

Claudia Jensen’s Padel Chart

Table 1

NameClaudia Jensen Sirvent
BirthdateJuly 21st 2005
BirthplaceMadrid, Spain
NationalityArgentinian and Italian
Height5’2” (158 cm)
SportPadel Tennis
Playing PositionDrive (forehand)
Active Years2019- present
PartnersCarlotta Casali (2020)
Monica Gomez Rivas (2020)
Carla Mesa (2022)
Carolina Navarro (2022)
Jessica Castelló (2023)
Verónica Virseda Sánchez (2023- current)

Claudia Jensen’s qualities as an athlete vary, but most importantly, she is a hard worker and a team player. On the technical side, Claudia has many techniques she is proud of; the most notable ones are the two-handed backhand and the forehand volley, as well as her ability to anticipate the game.

The Jensen’s Athletic Gene: What is it Like Growing Up in an Athletic Family?

Claudia Jensen has been a privileged athlete. She grew up in a household where professional sports were the main topic of every dinner. Her parents were both professional athletes; her father, Cristian Jensen, was a former high-level professional player at the time of the padel boom in Argentina in the early 90s. As her parents grew older, their careers developed into ones of coaches rather than players. That is how Claudia ended up crawling around padel courts, racket in hand before she could walk.

Claudia Jensen (Junior) knew her parents, Cristian Jensen and Claudia Jensen (Senior), strictly as teachers and coaches of Padel. Therefore, it was common to find the Jensen family spending most of their time at padel clubs instead of home. That fact alone could contend as the origin of Claudia Jr.’s passion for Padel Tennis, as it was practically genetically engineered into her DNA.

Her mother, however, claims that Claudia’s fondness for padel was due to earlier circumstances. As a player and trainer, Claudia Sr. believes that when she was pregnant with her children, including Claudia Jr., they could hear the sound of padel balls hitting rackets. They were born with that sound in their ears. The Jensen kids were all destined to have rackets as second-hands and Padel courts as homes.   

Claudia Jensen’s Debut in Padel

Claudia took Padel seriously around the age of 12. Unsurprisingly, beforehand, she used to play tennis. At five years old, Claudia was interested in Tennis, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Padel Tennis. A few years later, 8-year-old Claudia chose to devote her efforts to the racket alone. Even after 2014, when she left Spain, her club, and her friends because her family chose to return to live in Argentina. Later down the line, toward the end of 2017, the Jensens decided to return to Madrid full-time, and from then on, Claudia’s racket was padel. She thought tennis to be too lonely for her taste. Padel had been the perfect sport for someone who loved rackets and appreciated company in play.

Claudia knew at an early age that she wanted to play Padel exclusively. But her parents’ experience with sports and professional athletes had provided them with enough insight to make Claudia play Tennis before committing fully to Padel. The belief was rooted in the fact that a tennis foundation would help her in technique. The results prove it right, given that at 14 years old, Claudia (Junior) was already a world champion.

Claudia Jensen’s Identity Issues as a Multinational Professional Padel Player

Issues related to nationality are often very complicated. Claudia was born in Spain, her parents are of Argentinian origin, and she has relatives in Italy (her father is of Italian descent). To draw a picture, Claudia was born in Madrid and grew up in Madrid’s streets with Madrilian children, but her home stayed Argentinian. Like a carved-out part of Argentina in the middle of Madrid. In addition to her father’s Italian culture that managed to take a seat at their table. All of this may be confusing for a young person who is discovering herself in this melting pot of cultures.

Claudia is what is commonly known as a third-culture kid. She is often called on by her compatriots from every culture, at times claiming her as fully one or the other and at other times denying her parts of her own identity. Yet Claudia seems conscious of her situation and embraces all facets of who she is.

She previously had the chance to play for Italy, as her father has dual Argentinian/Italian nationality. At a different time, she decided to represent the Argentinian national team. Nowadays, if she is given the Spanish Nationality, she wishes to qualify for the Spanish National Team.

In short, Claudia Jensen is an amazing athlete with a diverse background and huge potential to be among Padel’s Legends. Keep an eye out for her.

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