Switzerland Padel Market Outlook

Switzerland Padel Market Outlook

Switzerland is currently an underdeveloped Padel market with a high growth potential

Swiss Padel market facts in brief

  1. There are 39 locations with Padel courts and mostly in Tennis clubs
  2. 100 courts in total which is still relatively low to 8.7 million population
  3. Only few pure Padel clubs that are focused purely to Padel
  4. Over 4.000 Padel players of which almost 1.000 registered players
  5. 600 000 Tennis players in Switzerland means a lot of potential for Padel
  6. Swiss Tennis player Roger Federer is also playing Padel

We had the pleasure to interview the founder of the Padel Arena club, Christian Bösch, and his coaches from the Zürich Metropolitan Area, Wädenswil in Switzerland. Padel Arena is the pioneer of Swiss Padel and the number one junior padel club in Switzerland. They also collaborate with Zurich International School which is enabling Padel training for their students.

“Now it’s time to go for Padel. There is an increasing number of people who want to try Padel in Switzerland. Growth is getting exponential, and people’s curiosity is growing. As soon as people have discovered the game they simply are hooked and want to learn more and feel the joy again”, says Ivan Lopez coach at Padel Arena. Coach Norbert Nemcsek says it well “Being in sports my whole life, I have never enjoyed sports like this and especially with an addition of the social part of Padel”.

The founder of Padel Arena Christian Bösch tells his story and how it all started, “I was in football for multiple years. I learned Padel in 2014 in Spain. At the end of 2016 when my football contract ended, I was thinking about what to do, I saw an opportunity in Padel. In those days there was not a lot Padel in Switzerland, only a few outdoor courts. After searching I found a location for a Padel club and that’s how everything started.”

“Padel is truly for everyone. No matter of age, size, or gender. It is a great fit for anyone.” continues Christian.

In Switzerland, the development has been maybe slower than in many other markets as there are also other great sports opportunities like hiking, skiing, football, basketball, and outdooring. The future of Padel looks great. The most important thing is that we focus on juniors and their development. For the juniors, it is important that they have idols, and they can do the same as their idols do. There is a need to create Swiss Padel idols. Everyone who is younger than 20 years has a good chance to become a professional Padel player if you start now as the game is still in the early stage. As a former football professional Christian sees it is much more difficult to become tennis or football professional than find yourself even quite fast as a Padel professional.  

Padel is becoming more and more attractive in Switzerland

Padel has boomed in multiple markets and is doing so with a strong tailwind. In our view, Padel is going to also boom in Switzerland. Padel can become as big as any other racket sport within the next 10 years. The game is becoming even more popular as it is now already broadcasted via international television channels like Sky Sports. This means that also bigger and bigger brands are sponsoring padel clubs, competitions, and players to make themselves look trendy and reach visibility within the premium client segment.

A growing number of Swiss influencers and celebrities are training and playing Padel. Let’s mention some of the most known sports persons who are also hooked to Padel.

  • René Stammbach is the president of the Swiss Tennis Federation and vice president of the International Tennis Federation.
  • Diego Benaglio is a former professional Swiss football player. He played as a goalkeeper and spent most of his career playing in Bundesliga in Germany.
  • Stephan Lichtsteiner also known by nicknames “Forest Gump” and “The Swiss Express” is a Swiss former professional footballer.
  • Dan Tangnes is currently the head coach for EV Zug of the National League in Switzerland. He is a Norwegian ice hockey coach.
  • Footballer Yanick Brecher among other FC Zürich players is playing actively.
  • Professional footballer Adrian Winter is a big fan of Padel and plays frequently with his friends. Adrian is also an investor in Padel clubs in Switzerland.

Very strong work is done already now at the Swiss Padel Federation

 SUIPA is the official Swiss Padel association of the country. The country has very strong people in charge of the development of Padel in the SUIPA. They have also a very strong junior program for young Padel talents and not only for Swiss citizens but also for other citizens worldwide. They have selected new juniors for their program for example from Chile. It is very important for any country that wants to develop new Padel idols to invest time and money in juniors.

Conclusions of the future of Swiss Padel

The conclusion is that as Padel has already seen massive growth in Nordics and Spain, Swiss people will see the same exponential growth. The popularity of Padel is having a great tailwind in France, Italy, Nordics, and UK. The game is still continuing to grow in Spain which is the most mature market in Padel. Switzerland follows this strong growth and has a huge potential with over 86.000 Spanish population and a large Nordic community.

We hope you liked this deep dive into the Swiss Padel market outlook. At PADEL1969 we have a strong passion for Padel and we are Pro for Padel. If your interest is to join the fastest-growing sports worldwide as a player or investor and have more information, let us know! We can advise you on the fast track to success in Padel.

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Swiss Padel Market Outlook

Updated: 28.03.2023


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  1. Switzerland is definitely a sportive country and potential for Padel as it has been strong in Tennis. What is your estimate for the future growth?

    1. We forecast the Swiss Padel Market to develop moderately. Our view is built based on the fact that in Switzerland people have multiple other sports they can practice no matter what season. Against this fact, it is difficult to see similar growth that we have seen in Sweden and Finland where people have much fewer choices for sports and less purchase power.

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