USA Padel Market Outlook


Yes, Padel is also exponentially growing in the United States of America.

In the recent two years number of people playing Tennis has also grown which is great and exceptional news for the Tennis world. It is reported that more than 21 million people said they played Tennis last year at least once based on USA Tennis Association (USTA) research. The number of active Tennis players is naturally much less and our guestimate is approximately 11 million people. The fact is that the number of Tennis players is globally in decline and has been like that for a decade. Another point of view is sports sponsoring, which has also declined in tennis for over five years.

Padel search word growth of over 90%

Over the last six months, interest in Padel has increased in the USA and it can be seen from Google Trends how the use of the search word “Padel” has grown. From June 2022 until today 24th October 2022 with almost 90 percent. In the last 30 days, the development of the searches has been more or less stable. At the same time, the number of visitors to our Padel community has grown by over 70% in the United States. This is enormous growth in the country where a Padel is still clearly in the very beginning of its conquering.

The top 10 states/regions in the search for Padel,
for the last 12 months and starting from the best

  1. Florida, 100 (100 per 24.10.22)
  2. New York, 78 (68 per 24.10.22)
  3. District of Columbia (Washington DC), 73 (52 per 24.10.22)
  4. Connecticut, 47
  5. Arkansas, 44
  6. Nevada, 44
  7. Oregon, 42
  8. New Jersey, 36
  9. Virginia, 35
  10. Texas, 35

It is interesting to see how awareness of Padel is increasing in the USA. From the past 30 days we can see how Delaware is ranking in the top 1 in the Padel search term use, New York keeping the second position and Florida is third with a strong base. Connecticut is 4th and Arkansas 5th.

Florida has a lot of potential for Padel

A great group of people involved in racket sports is living in Florida. It is about 1.5 million people who play Tennis in Florida of which 60% are active players and play more than 10 times per year. Such a large racket sports audience is a great opportunity for Padel to make people have more social fun compared to Tennis.

It is also true that in Florida, Padel is competing with Pickleball. There is an increasing number of racket sports clubs in Florida that have introduced alternative mini-Tennis to their members. There are an increasing number of people introduced to both of these new and trendy racket games. We see a great future for Padel all over the USA and especially in Florida.

At the beginning of growth in any sport, the majority of the people are active players. Someone calls them Padel purists. These people do not care much about the venue or how the showers or locker room looks, but over the few years of development, it always becomes more and more important to have proper premises with good locations. Otherwise, somebody else will establish a more attractive Padel club with more services in a better location.

We have conducted several interviews with Padel people in the Florida area to create a better understanding of the size of the market. Currently, in Florida, the number of Padel players is 15.000 people. It is to be seen to continue to grow and reach by summer 2023 almost 20.000 people. This is also depending on the growth of the new capacity of Padel courts. Miami is representing almost 3.000 players of the whole of Florida which is 20% of the whole market.

USPA is in strong role to make Padel grow in the USA

It was already in 1993 when USPA, the United States of Padel Association was established as the official governing body for the Padel sport in the United States. Their objectives are to promote both amateur and professional play of Padel and help to grow the capacity of Padel courts. They also introduce new investors to become successful in developing Padel in new locations in the USA. USPA has a strong vision to create an ecosystem of people and companies where the Padel sport can grow in good alignment with the International Padel Federation.

New Pro Padel League for the American markets

Professional Padel League (PPL) has been launched for the United States and Mexico. We see PPL is one the great milestones of the development of Padel in the US market. PPL is like NHL in ice hockey and will create a new and attractive professional Padel tournament for the global Padel players.

PPL has released to present with their competitions in seven cities in 2023. Dates have not been published on the date when this article has been published.

  • Cancun
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • San Diego
  • Toronto
  • Arkansas
  • Las Vegas

Conclusions are very positive for the future growth

Padel is in an unstoppable position already in the USA. The number of Padel locations is increasing all over the country, not only in Florida. The number of people becoming aware of Padel is also growing and helping local ecommerces to bring even more Padel products available. And as the people in the USA are normally commercially wired they know to make a business out of Padel.

US people also know how to make great entertainment and they have shown in multiple other internationally growing sports like Formula 1 or World Padel Tour Miami how to make a great show. It is granted that Padel will grow enormously in the USA in the coming years.

The PADEL1969 team advises you also in the USA

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USA Padel Market Outlook
Publishing date: 24.10.2022
Updated: 27.03.2023


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