The Rise of Padel in Barcelona

The Rise of Padel in Barcelona - 28% in the last two years.

Recently, Padel has taken Barcelona by storm. It has witnessed an extraordinary surge in popularity, turning Barcelona into a mecca of Padel. Barcelona’s residents are captivated by Padel, and so are we!

The Padel Boom in Barcelona

Last night, El Periodico reported that the Catalan Padel Federation indicated that within the last two years, the number of clubs dedicated to this sport has grown by an impressive 28% in the province of Barcelona; 34 new clubs have debuted, going from 84 clubs in 2022 to the current 118 clubs. The number of clubs based in the city of Barcelona itself has also seen a significant increase, rising from 14 in 2019 to 18 in 2022. 

Padel tennis has become fashionable due to the ease of starting to play and the competitiveness

Albert Nogueras | General Director of the Catalan Padel Federation

 Are Padel Federations important?

The recent federative license boom supports the growth of Padel players. El Periodico relayed that these have increased by over a fifth (22%) in a single year, from 1746 licenses in 2019 to 2870 licences in 2022, according to the public records of Barcelona City. However, it’s important to note that not all players have a federation license, suggesting that the total number of participants might be higher than valued. 

Barcelona has become a hotspot for the sport, with the city council confirming its growing presence and the federation reporting an annual increase of 10% in licenses for several years. 

Why is Padel so Popular in Spain?

According to Albert Nogueras, who serves as the general director of the Catalan Padel Federation, approach and competitiveness are what make this game well-loved. It is now trendy due to how easy it is to start playing and competing at an amateur level. Padel is somewhat of a fashionable pursuit nowadays.

One of the Oysho Women Padel players at the Artós Sports Club. / ADRIÁN QUIROGA

Spain Dominates the Padel Market

Playtomic’s Global Report, published in collaboration with Deloitte in 2023, indicates that Spain’s passion for Padel grew, especially after COVID-19. The report also highlights that Spain has the highest number of padel courts globally, with nearly 9,000 facilities, far surpassing the second-highest country, Italy. 

The Cost of Padel

As seen in El Periodico, according to the Catalan Padel Federation, the reason behind the sport’s unprecedented boom is the relatively low initial investment required to construct a Padel court, ranging from 20,000 to 35,000 euros. Additionally, the compact size of the courts (240 square meters) and the ease of maintenance have made them an attractive investment opportunity for businesses and property owners.

Opportunities for Business in Spanish Padel

The surging popularity of Padel in Barcelona presents numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Due to the growing demand for courts and facilities, potential new clubs and suppliers of equipment, among other services, will emerge. Furthermore, the sport’s growing international appeal could open doors for Barcelona to become a global hub for Padel. 

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The Future of Padel in Barcelona

The Padel phenomenon in Barcelona is a testament to the city’s embrace of innovative and accessible sports. Padel’s rapid rise has brought economic opportunities and recreational advantages. As it continues to captivate Barcelona’s residents and gain global recognition, the city has the potential to become a trailblazer in the sport, championing sustainable practices and fostering an inclusive Padel community. Consequently, what lies ahead for Padel in Barcelona will be determined by how much growth it can gain without destroying what has fueled its progress so far, what is known as environmental stewardship.

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Source: El Periodico

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