Victoria Iglesias’ Two-Handed Backhand

Victoria Iglesias Segador

The Padel player of this week is the incredible Victoria Iglesias. Iglesias is a player who never expected to become a professional padel player. She never thought she would be among the best in the world at 29 years old, let alone an elite athlete. If you want to know more about her passionate journey in sports, read more.

Who is Victoria Iglesias?

Victoria Iglesias, a distinguished figure in women’s Padel, is a Spanish professional Padel player. She has proven herself to be quite the opponent on the Padel courts. As of February 2024, she is ranked 19th by the WPT standard rankings. Victoria has played 372 games, of which she has won 222 and lost 150. Victoria Iglesias has accumulated 2770 points, showcasing her remarkable climb up the ranks. Iglesias’ skills are highlighted by her win percentage of 59.68% and winning streak of six consecutive victories.

Notably, Victoria Iglesias won the Andalusian Championship at 20 years of age and was the revelation player of 2015.

Victoria Iglesias’ Padel Chart

Victoria Iglesias has a great desire to compete and win. She is known for her aggressive style of play on the Padel court, as she constantly plays a very punchy game on the attack, overwhelming her opponents and cornering them. On the court, she is known for the perfect backhand shot. She got it from her days playing tennis.

In tennis, the two-handed backhand is played a lot. It quickly became Victoria’s specialty during her first years on the professional circuit.

The following is a chart that breaks down her attributes, as well as her partners throughout the years,

Table 1

NameVictoria Iglesias
BirthdateMay 16th 1994
BirthplaceSevilla, Spain
Height5’9” (176cm)
SportTennis (quit in 2011)
Playing PositionReverse (Backhand)
Active Years2013 – present
PartnersEsther Lasheras (2013- 2014)
Cata Tenorio (2015)
Teresa Navarro (2017- 2018)
Alba Galán (2019- 2020)
Aranza Osoru (2021- 2022)
Patty Llaguno (2023)
Alix Collombon (2023)
Patricia Llaguno (2023)
Claudia Fernández Sanchez (2023)
Barbara Las Heras (2024- current)

Victoria Iglesias Used to Play Tennis

Victoria Iglesias’ began her journey as an athlete playing tennis. She started playing tennis at four years old solely because all of her family played tennis. She perfected her craft slowly during her formative years. However, a few years down the line, tennis was weighing on her. It had turned into something that brought her more disappointment than joy. Psychologically, she was destroyed. Unsurprisingly, she quit at 17 and refused to pick up any other racket sport.

At the time, she had felt like she sacrificed everything. As a teenager, she was trading her free time, her friends, and her family for a career in Tennis, which had become unfulfilling and fruitless. She is quoted saying that neither her coaches, at the time, nor the Andalusian Federation supported her as much as they should or could have. Which, in turn, discouraged her and prompted her to give less than her potential in training. She quit not long after.

That period had been hardest on her. Giving up on one’s dreams cannot be easy. She was at a crossroads where she had to decide what to do with herself now that she had no clear goals. Her father intervened and told her she couldn’t stay on the couch at home and do nothing. He advised her to choose another sport that she could like and apply herself. To not give up on athleticism and herself.

Victoria Iglesias’ Debut in Padel

Victoria had embarked on a career in sports, tennis specifically, because of her family. She came back because of family again. Her sister and her mother were teaching Padel and encouraged her to join them. She was appalled at the idea at first. Victoria was used to playing on big courts, and padel courts seemed so small. But her family’s love for the sport drew her in. She took a chance on Padel Tennis due to her family. She decided to try her luck with Javier Peñas, who was her choice of coach.

The beginning was quite hard. Coming from tennis, she got lost with all the walls. That was most difficult for her, as she could not get over the fact that the walls played in and had to be taken advantage of. Slowly and surely, Victoria got the hang of it and developed a unique style and technique.

Hard Work Pays Off in Padel Tennis

This time around, hard work and effort paid off. A few months after she was introduced to the professional circuits, she caught the eye of the legend Cata Tenorio who had called her to partner only three years into her start as a Padel player. That, for Victoria, was an incredible moment, a milestone to bear witness to her efforts.

Cata Tenorio was looking for an aggressive, punchy player. Victoria Iglesias was the perfect candidate.

Victoria Iglesias’ Injury

In May of 2023, Victoria Iglesias suffered an injury to her ankle and was out of competition for a month and a half. It was frustrating for her because of her intense need for competition. She was also worried about losing her rhythm. However, her recovery went well, and she returned to compete with a new partner in July.

Victoria Iglesias’s Advice for Beginner Padel Players

Victoria advises novice players to try as best as possible to enjoy playing. Because if they don’t appreciate the game, Padel becomes hard. And the purpose of the Padel game will be stripped of positive undertones and may turn into a chore more than a game. 

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