Rekindling Alejandra’s Passion

Alejandra Salazar

A Resurgence of Strength and Determination

It’s important for us here at Padel1969 to give a nod of appreciation to Padel’s legends. Alejandra Salazar is a seasoned Padel player whose professional career speaks volumes of her athleticism and strength.

Who is Alejandra Salazar

Alejandra Salazar Bengoechea is a Spanish professional Padel player. She is currently ranked fourth in the WPT rankings, which is an amazing spot in the standings. Adding up to a significant total of 14,170 points, her outstanding performance has demonstrated her skill on the field. Her win percentage is 82.48%. Notably, she has won 23 games in a row, demonstrating her ability to consistently perform at a high level.

Alejandra Salazar Bengoechea’s legacy in sports is further highlighted by her incredible records; she has won 372 games thus far, demonstrating her mettle time and time again. Her defeats are 79 out of 451 matches played, highlighting her supremacy and perseverance in the face of opposition.

She has been a World and Spanish Champion on multiple occasions, both in couples and in teams. In 2012, she was proclaimed Champion of Spain in Cordoba. Additionally, she won the Padel Pro Tour with Carolina Navarro in 2009. Moreover, together with her ex-partner, Gemma Triay, they finished as the No. 1 ranked couple in 2021 and 2022. Alejandra has also been ranked the number one Padel player in the female category in 2009, 2016, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Beyond Padel tennis, Alejandra holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from UCM and a master’s degree in sports management from UEM.

Alejandra Salazar’s Chart

Table 1

NameAlejandra Salazar Bengoechea
Birthdate31st December, 1985
BirthplaceMadrid, Spain
Height(168 cm)
Playing PositionDrive
Active Years2004- present
PartnersEva Gayoso (2004)
Melissa Capra (2005-2006)
María Silvela (2007)
Carolina Navarro (2009)
Vale Pavon (2010)
Icíar Montes (2013-2014)
Marta Marrero (2015-2018)
Ariana Sánchez (2019-2020)
Gemma Triay (2021-2023)
Sofia Araujo (2023- current)

Alejandra Salazar’s Debut in Padel

Ale embarked on her padel journey in her early years, joining the Club de Campo in Madrid at the tender age of 8. Her innate talent for the sport shone through even then, and this prowess naturally matured over time. Growing up in the nineties, she ventured into other athletic pursuits such as basketball and tennis.

However, it wasn’t until she reached the age of 15 that Alejandra chose to channel her dedication exclusively into padel. This marked a pivotal juncture in her journey, propelling her to secure victories in various lower-tier competitions (juniors’ leagues), effectively establishing her rising prominence in the world of Padel tennis.

The Madrilenian debuted in the world of professional padel in the 2004 season, and right away her talent and grit were very clear, as everyone was waiting for her to climb the charts and become the legend she is known as today.

Parting Ways with Gemma Triay

Throughout 2021, Alejandra Salazar encountered numerous challenges, grappling with the task of upholding her game’s quality as matches unfolded. Her struggle to sustain a consistent performance level became evident, with her grappling to attain the requisite steadiness that the game of padel necessitates. In essence, her engagement with the sport appeared to lack enthusiasm.

Back in June 2023, Salazar and Gemma Triay were eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master 2023 by Virginia Riera and Tamara Icardo, their first failure to reach the semi-finals this season.

After this, Salazar turned to social media to share her injury issues, revealing that she would be out of competition for an unspecified period to fully recuperate. Ale’s elbow injury had been the result of an ongoing injury that had deteriorated over the past year due to excessive strain and insufficient recovery amidst a hectic schedule.

Gemma decided to part ways with Ale after the latter recovered from her injury. Their separation seems unfortunate, as the duo was one of the strongest competitors on the Padel courts. A loss many have grieved.

The Return of Alejandra Salazar

Presently, Alejandra has fully recovered from her injury; however, her physical evolution, a natural consequence of the passage of time, has prompted the emergence of novel tactics and strategies. This transformation has enabled her to adopt a fresh approach to asserting dominance in padel, emphasizing endurance and attrition more than focusing solely on achieving swift victories.

Nowadays, Alejandra seems happier on the court. She looks more in control of her game, and it looks like she is enjoying Padel once more.

Tournament Won by Alejandra Salazar

She holds a record of 52-time title winner.

Table 2

2013Master FinalIcíar Montes
2014Barcelona Open
Alcobendas Open
Sevilla Open
2015San Fernando OpenMarta Marrero
Valencia Master
Master Final
2016Valencia Master
Las Rozas Open
Montecarlo Padel Master
Sevilla Open
La Coruña Open
Zaragoza Open
Euskadi Open
2018Alicante Open
Lugo Open
Madrid WOpen
Euskadi Open
Murcia Open
Master Final
2019Alicante OpenAriana Sánchez
Jaén Open
Valladolid Master
Mijas Open
Master Final
2020Estrella Damm Open
Valencia Open
Menorca Open
2021Alicante OpenGemma Triay
Valladolid Master
Málaga Open
Sardegna Open
Barcelona Master
Lugo Open
Menorca Open
Córdoba Open
2022Miami Open
Reus Open
Alicante Open
Bruselas Open
Toulouse Open
Valladolid Master
Valencia Open
Santander Open
Menorca Open
Malmö Open
México Open
Barcelona Master Final
2023La Rioja Open
Chile Open
Paraguay Open

Alejandra has also competed in the World Padel Championships of 2010, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2021, and 2022. Her track record reflects her dedication to the sport and her ability to shine brilliantly on the global stage.

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