What is Movember?

Movember Movement

Helping men to live Happier, Healthier, and Longer lives!

Movember is an annual event to raise awareness of men’s health issues, like cancer and especially prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Another area is mental health and suicide prevention. Movember is a whole month event in November every year and is the reason why men grow their mustaches during the month.

What is the history of the Movember movement?

The origin of Movember is in Melbourne, Australia when two mates Travis Garone and Luke Slattery started the Movember movement in 2003 by asking 30 other guys to grow mustaches. In the first year, no money was raised and the only country was Australia. Since 2003 almost seven (7) million people have participated in the movement globally and over 1.250 men’s health projects have been funded.

Grow your mustache!

The whole purpose to grow a mustache is to raise awareness for men’s health. Multiple types of research show the state of men’s health could be better – men are dying too young. Gender has one of the strongest attributes of life expectancy. The purpose of the movement is clear and strong. Movember has become clearly a global movement and is having an increasing number of participants all over the world.

Movember Mustache Man
Movember Mustache Man

Movement is a Medicine

As we know and are scientifically proven, when people move their bodies, their stress and blood pressure levels decrease to healthier levels. Movember is encouraging to run or walk over 60km over November. Globally we lose 60 men to suicide each hour and that’s we need to move our bodies over 60 kilometers during the month. We ask and encourage you to commit to this challenge!

Act now and join the PADEL1969 team!

Movember has a very good website for further reading and action for the movement. They have also a mobile app where we have created our own PADEL1969 team for fundraising.

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