Aranzazu Osoro Ulrich, Padel’s Viking


Today’s Padel star is Aranzazu Osoro. An Argentinian Padel Viking who is known for her great athleticism. If you want to know more about this professional Padel player, then please follow along with us.

Who is Aranzazu Osoro?

Aranzazu Osoro, also known as the “Vikinga”, is a professional Argentinian padel player. She is currently ranked 13th on the WPT charts. She played a total of 294 games, of which she won 175 matches and lost 119, effectively gathering 4825 points. During her professional career in Padel, playing in the professional WPT circuit, she was able to win 6 consecutive victories and level her win percentage up to 59.52%

She has won four Pan-American Championships and has been double runner-up in the world as a young player in the minor categories.

Aranzazu Osoro ‘s Padel Chart

Table 1

NameAranzazu Osoro Ulrich
BirthdateJune 3rd 1996
BirthplaceParana, Argentina
Height5’4” (166 cm)
Playing PositionDrive
Active Years2017 -2023 present
PartnersPaula Eyheraguibel (2017)
Nela Brito (2018-2019)
Teresa Navarro (2020)
Victoria Iglesias (2021-2022)
Lucia Sainz (2023)
Jessica Castelló López (2023-current)

Aranzazu Osoro Debut in Padel

Aranzazu started playing Padel when she was six years old at a Padel school in Paraná. It started just as a Saturday family pastime. There was a paddle tennis club in front of her house, and she used to spend hours watching her mother play; when they changed sides, she would go in and play. Noticing her affinity for Padel, at such a young age,  her parents enrolled her in the Paraná junior school where she was able to test if she liked it. She ended up combining it with a plethora of sports, ranging from hockey, and basketball all the way to swimming, rowing, and canoeing. However, she never stopped or gave up playing Padel. approximately around the ages of eleven and thirteen years old, Aranzazu realized that playing padel tennis was what she wanted for her life and began taking it seriously, training daily, and eventually taking her first steps in the professional circuit of Argentina. Where she took a huge leap and started competing.

What is Moving to Spain Like, as an Argentinian Padel Player

After having a successful career in the minor category, Osoro’s next goal was to be able to play the PPT circuit and today the WPT circuit. She always dreamt of being able to live in Spain and exclusively dedicate herself to padel tennis. Her first months in Spain were hard and very challenging, as the culture was a little different. Unlike back home where she was surrounded by supportive friends and family who would accompany her at every game and challenge, in Spain, she was for the first time all alone. Eventually, she met new people and widened her circle, and bit by bit it became more enjoyable and easier to live in Spain and go full throttle after a professional Padel career.

After sharing the track with Paula Eyheraguibel at the World Cup and seeing the chemistry and how well they got along both on and off the court. Osoro was chosen by Paula as a partner on the WPT. That year happened to be Osoro’s first season on the WPT and luckily the pair knew each other well, which made Osoro’s debut on the WPT that much easier.

What is Osoro Like on the Padel Court?

Success in the Professional Courts

A player like Osoro admits to finding great satisfaction and relief in the nature of Padel Tennis, simply because it’s a sport meant for couples. Unlike individual sports, where one stands alone, or team sports, which rely on a group effort, padel offers a unique position where athletes have to play in coordination with just one other player, all while still holding responsibility for 50% of the game’s outcome. It’s the perfect blend of teamwork and individual skill.

However, Osoro finds that being successful in Padel means being patient. At the start of the professional circuit season, things are not always going smoothly. Occasionally, unexpected events can disrupt Padel matches, and sometimes players are still getting to know the extent of their abilities, how to adapt to new partners, or even going through a rough patch. But in general, Osoro claims that commitment to perseverance is the one requirement all athletes must stick to. In her opinion, women tend to excel in this aspect. They tend to hold on, fight, and push their partners to do better. Nevertheless, it’s essential to recognize that success in Padel is primarily built on hard work and the ability to adapt, communicate, and collaborate effectively.

Success as a Professional Athlete

Osoro’s style of play seems healthy.  She does not like playing under excessive pressure. Before stepping onto the court, her nerves kick in, naturally, but once the game begins, all worries vanish. Osoro enjoys challenging matches, the adrenaline pump provided in such situations allows for a sharper focus on her part. The complexity and thrill of the game motivate her and help her grow as a player. The more challenging the match, the more she learns. Yet, like everyone else, there are times when she appreciates a straightforward win.

Osoro seeks a warrior and a fighter as partners on the court. It’s important to be on the same page when it comes to character during a match. Equally significant is the off-court relationship. Osoro admits to being a sentimental player, and a strong connection with her partner outside the court is crucial for her performance.

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