Italy Padel Market Outlook

Italy Padel Market

How Italian Padel Market looks today and in the future?

Italy Padel Market Outlook – March 2023 edition

Italian Padel Market in a nutshell – how is Padel in Italy?

In recent weeks we have visited multiple Padel clubs in Italy, and connected the dots in our analysis. It was a pleasure to visit several locations with Padel courts and feel a growing enthusiasm in Italian people for Padel. Italian Padel market will look totally different within the next 12 months.

A low number of Padel courts and Padel clubs in Italy compared to population

As we are writing this article there are over 5350 Padel courts in Italy. These Padel courts are in 2062 locations around the country. These numbers tells us that the market is very much in the beginning of huge growth. The are not many proper Padel Clubs, but a lot of locations with one or two Padel courts. The median size of the location with Padel courts is only 2 which is a clear sign of the low maturity of the Padel market in Italy.

Huge potential for Padel in Italy

The potential of the market is huge for strong growth for multiple years. In Italy, there are 1.300.000 Tennis players, and these people are getting bored with Tennis and they are looking for new more social sports. This means that the number of Tennis players in Italy is in decline like in all the other European countries.

We see Padel in Italy being under enormous growth. There is an increasing number of investors entering Italian Padel markets while it looks still great timing to open professionally managed Padel clubs in Italy as the competition does not really exist yet.

In Italy, there are also local Padel court manufacturers who are also aggressive in their sales in all European markets. Italian Padel is the market leader in Italy and they offer Padel courts made in Italy. They have also recently invested a lot of money to expand their production capacity and they are eager for the growth of Padel.

In Italy national Tennis federation is the official governing body also for Padel. This is normal and most often the setup in many other countries. This can be a good thing or create jealousy within the federation between these two great racket sports. We need to remember that Tennis has a much longer history and due to that reason also a very strong presence and position in many countries. At the same time statistically, Tennis is in decline in the number of players while Padel is in exponential growth everywhere worldwide.

The starting point for enormous growth is very fruitful. There are over 20.000 Spaniards living in Italy and that is always a good thing to help Padel to grow in relatively new markets. There is also plenty of Swedish and other Nordic people living in Italy which is helping the market to develop faster as Padel markets are very mature in Sweden already. This fact is also creating a natural tailwind to the growth of the Padel travel business that is mainly currently only focused in Spain and Arabic countries and mainly because of sufficiently high-quality Padel clubs and sunny weather conditions and easy access to professional Padel coaches.

The exponential growth of Padel in Italy in the coming years

The main finding is that Padel is in exponential growth in Italy. We forecast exponential growth also to continue in the coming years when more and more people are introduced to Padel and become more familiar with the game through their friends. As we know there are multiple other big countries like the United Kingdom and France where Padel growing rapidly and will continue to grow strong in the coming years.

Our team is happy to share this special edition of the Italy Padel Market Outlook March 2023 edition. If you want to know more about Italian Padel Market in detail, you can always contact us. The website only publishes the top of the iceberg of our market research. At PADEL1969 we are focused and dedicated only to growing in Padel and making the great game flourish.

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