Padel’s Pearl, Beatriz González


This week’s star is the young Beatriz González, Padel’s most anticipated player. Bea’s story is a tale of success, primarily driven by effort, enthusiasm, and improvement.

Who is Padel’s Next Legend?

Beatriz González is a remarkable young professional padel player; she is of Spanish origin. This young athlete seems to be one of the most promising players of the decade. She was the youngest player to join the professional circuits; the fact that just at 14 years old Bea was invited into the professional league stands witness to her potential at joining the legends and maybe even besting them.

Beatriz is a 22-year-old Andalusian padel player. She is currently ranked fifth in the WPT rankings, and she has stacked 12390 points. A remarkable number considering how many total games she has played. Out of all the Padel matches she played, she won 220 and lost 114, bringing her winning percentage up to 65.87%. Bea has a winning streak of seven consecutive matches.

Beatriz won the title of Spanish under-18 champion in 2017 and was the 2017 World National Team champion in her category.

Bea’s Chart

NameBeatriz González Fernández
BirthdateNovember 23rd 2001
BirthplaceMalaga, Spain
Height5’8” (174cm)
Playing PositionBackhand (reverse)
Active Years2015- present
PartnersPaula Eyheraguibel (2016)
Elena Ramírez (2017)
Cata Tenorio (2018
Delfina Brea (2019)
Paula Josemaria (2020)
Lucia Sainz (2021)
Marta Ortega (2020) and (2022)
Delfina Brea (2023- current)

Table 1

Bea González’s Debut in Padel Tennis

Beatriz González started her WPT career as a teenager, navigating the world of professionals with its challenges and victories, as well as its hardships and significant sacrifices. Bea initially picked up the Padel racket at six years old due to her father’s influence; he used to play Padel tennis with his friends in Bea’s childhood hometown. She started training with a Padel coach at just eight years old. She was quickly federated to play on the Andalusian circuits thanks to the natural talent she showed on the training courts.

What is impressive about young Beatriz is the fact that she managed to play for three years without losing a single game in the junior circuits; this brought much attention to the young Padel player.

Before her 14th birthday, Beatriz was three times Champion of Spain, Champion of the National Master, World Champion with the Spanish National Team, Runner-up of the World Pairs Champion, and Number 1 in Spain in her category.

Summoned by Messi

Beatriz, known as “Beita” among her friends, expressed her interest in trying her luck in the WPT to her coaches and planned to approach it slowly. However, Paula Eyheraguibel, an eight-time world champion, learned about Bea’s game in Alicante through Carolina Navarro and approached her for doubles training. Beatriz likened this opportunity to being summoned by Messi, reflecting its absurdity in a delightful way.

The Spanish headlines buzzed with excitement: “A 42-year-old champion and a 14-year-old girl: an extraordinary padel tennis duo.” Not only did they make their debut together, but they also reached the quarterfinals twice. Bea reflects on those early days as an invaluable experience. Her father recalls the media frenzy surrounding Bea’s unexpected partnership as a media sensation because “she was just a girl”.

Once on the court, age becomes irrelevant for Bea and her adversaries. Despite being the youngest on the circuit at the time, at just 14 years old, Beatriz competed against the world’s best professionals. Remarkably, she took a plane the very next day to go back to school after her padel tennis matches.

The Youngest Player in History to Win an Open Title

After enduring countless years of personal sacrifices, forfeiting her precious teenage years, and facing the agonizing dilemma of choosing between her education and beloved hobby, she persevered, ultimately attaining the semi-finals but never securing the championship win. Beatriz finally achieved the one true goal she was aiming for at the time: winning a WPT title. And what a glorious win it was; she was just 18 years old and playing beside 21-year-old Marta Ortega.

The pair had known each other for a long time before joining forces. They previously met in the minor leagues and on the Spanish national team and got along very well both on and off the court. Bea enjoyed Marta’s intelligence, organization, and demanding personality; combined with Bea’s spontaneity and intensity, the Madrid Open Finale was a feast for the eyes. A two-act triumph, at first it seemed like a tragedy; Bea and Marta were so close to victory, yet Patricia Llaguno and Elisabeth Amatriaín were insurmountable; it was as if they had it all, but then it all crumbled in the second act. Marta and Bea recovered. Marta is a wall; Bea takes flight and strikes true time and time again. Their united assault wins them the 2020 Madrid Open. Making Bea theyoungest player in history to be crowned champion of a professional tournament just at 18 years old.

Beatriz González’s New Project with Delfina Brea

Bea and Brea are longtime friends and partners on the padel court. They had played with each other before, but their chemistry was not up to par with their contemporaries. The pair had to separate for a while, learn more, and develop their skills and styles individually before getting back together. This partnership comeback was not planned; it was organic and, some would say, a natural progression of events. This padel duo has shown great ability and chemistry as of 2023. As padel enthusiasts, we cannot wait to see where this journey will take them and what type of achievements they will accomplish.

Beatriz González’s Titles and Tournaments

Bea holds an impressive track record that could catapult her to the number-one spot on the WPT sooner rather than later.

2023Aare Invest Finland Padel OpenDelfina Brea
2023Barcelo Valladolid MasterDelfina Brea
2023Cupra Danish Padel OpenDelfina Brea
2022Amsterdam OpenMarta Ortega
2022Copenhagen Padel OpenMarta Ortega
2022Tau Ceramic Albacete ChallengerMarta Ortega
2022Tau Ceramic Getafe ChallengerMarta Ortega
2020Madrid OpenMarta Ortega

Beatriz González has also won Madrid’s Padel Premiere P1 title in 2023.

Bea’s advice to amateur players who want to improve their level is to have fun at all times, watch games, and finally, train a lot. With our technologically advanced padel gear, you can have fun while training. If you are ready to take the next step and develop your own padel game, head to our online store to choose your pick of our apparel or our collection of padel rackets and padel balls.

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