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The Joy of Padel podcast combines Passion, Joy and Integrity.

The Joy of Padel podcast, hosted by Minter Dial, a padel tennis player since 1974, brought to you by PADEL1969, is an exhilarating new show that delves into the captivating stories of notable padel personalities worldwide. In its second season, you’ll be treated to exclusive anecdotes, valuable tips, and humorous moments shared by esteemed professional padel players, industry insiders, and passionate padel enthusiasts. With each season aligning with the pro tour, you can anticipate two engaging episodes per month. You’ll find Minter’s writings on padel tennis here.

Latest episodes​

Victor Dial & William Dial - The Joy of Padel by Padel1969

The beginnings of padel tennis. An original origin story with Victor and William Dial

How Victor Dial started playing padel in the 1970s… the origin story of the sport.
Nalle Grinda - The Joy of Padel by Padel1969

A Life Filled with the Joy of Padel - Padel Professional, Evangelist and Developer, Nallé Grinda

About the origins of the game of padel, its development in the US and some pro tips.
Gabo laredo - The Joy of Padel by PADEL1969

Getting Good at Padel While Having Fun with Gabo Loredo, Coach at Tasty Padel, Play Hard

Making padel fun and accessible… all the while getting better with Gabo at Tasty Padel

Spreading the Joy of Padel via The Bandeja Magazine, with Founding Editor Emma Kimber

What makes padel so accessible. Some tips and scoops from Emma Kimber, editor The Bandeja magaine

With Passion, Skill and Competition – How Denise Höfer became the number one padel team in Germany

The business of becoming a professional padel player and more
Xan tafernaberry - The Joy of Padel by PADEL1969

Writing punchy articles, physical training and the love of Padel with Xan Tafernaberry

Writing for Padel Magazine and Spreading the interest in Padel around the world
Marcos del Pilar - The Joy of Padel by PADEL1969

Padel is already winning over the United States, with PPL Commissioner, coach and serial padel entrepreneur, Marcos del Pilar

Padel is a reality in the US, no longer a promise. The exciting development and growth with PPL Commissioner Marcos del Pilar
Tia Norton - The Joy of Padel by PADEL1969

Winner of the Pro Padel League in North America, Padel Player of the Year and British No. 1, Tia Norton

How to become a padel professional, key tips and great stories from Tia Norton on her quest to hit the top 100
Miguel Yanguas Díez

World Padel Tour #17 and a Rising Star of the Men's Professional Tour, Mike Yanguas

Professional padel player, Miguel Yanguas, on how he made it to be a top player
The Padel School founder, Sandy Farquharson, on developing the community and skills of padel - The Joy of Padel by PADEL1969

The Padel School founder, Sandy Farquharson, on developing the community and skills of padel

Making padel accessible to all with the Padel School founder, Sandy Farquharson
Elena Martín

The Burgeoning Development of Padel, with Monitor Deloitte senior manager and Global Padel Report coauthor and former ranked player, Elena Martin Ortiz

Why Sweden is a unique padel market, what makes padel so popular, will it be Olympic in 2032?
Patricia Llaguno

The Joy of Padel with Patty Llaguno, Professional Padel World Number 18

How to keep the passion and the desire to improve over time
Enrique Corcuera Jr - The Joy of Padel by PADEL1969

The Roots of Padel with Son of the Founders, Enrique Corcuera Jr

The backstory and origin of padel tennis, from the son of the founder, Enrique Corcuera Jr
Jack Binstead - The Joy of Padel by PADEL1969

Adaptive Padel - The Inspiring Story of Jack Binstead, founder of Team GB

The development of inclusivity in padel with athletes in wheelchairs and amputees
Luis Estrada at The Joy of Padel podcast

Tearing up the US Padel Circuit with Number 1, Luis Estrada

How to transition from tennis to padel and become number one in your country
Joni Luolamaa

Pro Padel Player, Content Creator and Social Media Influencer from Finland, Joni Luolamaa

The development of padel in Finland, a unique story toward becoming a professional padel player with Joni Luolamaa

The Remarkable Journey of Top Swedish Pro Padel Player, World Number 53, Daniel Windahl

Battling the best of the best in padel and dealing with mental health
Nikhil Mohindra Padel1969

Nikhil Mohindra: Padel's British Sensation and Padel India's New Face

Meet Nikhil Mohindra 🎾💥, Team GB’s padel star, on his quest to elevate the game in India and beyond.

The Strategic Game of Saana Saarteinen: Finland's Padel Star on the Rise

Saana Saarteinen: Finland’s Padel Phenom and Her Journey from Tennis to Top Player

Chasing the Dream: Nico Agritelley's American Padel Adventure

Cultivating Chemistry and Competing in Padel Across Continents
Enrique Buenaventura

The Padel Pioneer: Enrique Buenaventura's Vision of the Sport and Business

Join us as we explore the enthralling padel journey of Enrique Buenaventura, a sports aficionado turned padel entrepreneur. Enrique shares insights from his multifaceted experience in the sport and business of padel, including his transition from tennis to padel at the age of twelve. With padel’s burgeoning popularity, he discusses the challenges and thrills of keeping the joy in the game while navigating its commercial landscape. Enrique also delves into the inception of the Hexagon Cup, an innovative international team event designed to stoke the competitive spirit and broaden padel’s appeal across the globe. This episode is a deep dive into the strategic evolution of padel, the significance of inclusivity in the sport, and the delicate balance between preserving the essence of the game and embracing its dynamic future.
David Garcia, M3 Padel Academy

Mastering Padel: Insights from David Garcia of M3 Padel Academy

Join us as we explore the evolution of Padel. David is sharing us his tips and tricks on technique, training and teamwork.
This episode includes insightful stories from Padel native player and deep dive into his background, his playing style, evolution of Padel techniques, coaching at M3 Padel Academy, their training methodology and coach consistency, client programmes and international reach. This episodes also touch upon challenges in coaching and Padel culture.

Upcoming podcasts​

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