Marta “Martita” Ortega Gallego

Martita Ortega

La Doctora of Padel: What Talent and Ambition Look Like

Envied by many of her contemporaries, dubbed La Doctora of World Padel Tour, Marta Ortega Gallego managed to achieve what most can only dream of.

She was only 14 years old when she fell in love with Padel tennis and fully dedicated her time to it. She started playing because her parents dabbled in the sport, however, she was immediately hooked and quickly became a regular Padel player.

It was only two years later, in 2013, at the young age of 16 that she made her debut in the Word Padel Tour and won her very first title in Valencia, Spain.

That was exactly when everyone knew to hold their breaths; this young Spaniard had a great career in Padel tennis waiting ahead.

Just like in the Padel court, Martita’s game only gained in intensity and discipline.

In 2019, at age 22, Marita Ortega conquered the World Padel Tour ranking and became the youngest No. 1 player in WPT history — a record she still holds today.

As the youngest Padel player to hold the highest-ranking position in the World Padel Tour, she set the example of a hard-working athlete.

That was only the beginning of Martita’s success. Throughout the years, she demonstrated how fiercely she can fight, like a true trailblazer.

Still, at the beginning of her career, and in that same year, this Padel player secured a record of titles won in one year. She won seven titles and three MVP awards.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Later, Martita Ortega went on to win 15 number-one titles, achieve 9 consecutive victories, and play 389 professional Padel matches.  

Additionally, she did not only take to professional Padel tennis but also graduated with a degree in Medicine and trained as a doctor at the Gregorio Marañón General University Hospital.

We’re thrilled to be able to share her multi-faceted life with you,

Martita’s Data in Brief


Marta Ortega Gallego


February 14th , 1997

Place of Birth

Madrid, Spain


5’7” (170 cm)



Playing position


Years active

2013- Present


Ariana Sánchez (2013-2018)

Patricia Llaguno (2018)

Bea González (2018-2020)

Lucia Sainz (2018-2019)

Eli Amatriain (2019)

Carolina Navarro (2019)

Marta Marrero (2019-2021)

Bea González (2021-Present)

Marta Ortega is a Padel player who sets herself apart by being unique and captivating whenever she steps onto the field.

These characteristics, along with the tremendous effort and sacrifices she makes each season, have helped her to accomplish victories that she can now take pride in.

Martita’s Humble Beginnings in Padel

Martita Ortega was born in Madrid, Spain, on February 14th, 1997. A Valentine’s gift.

Before professional Padel courts and Adidas tennis rackets, Martita played basketball as an extracurricular activity.

Her need to be stimulated and move her body led her to develop a proclivity for sports and athleticism.

After trying her luck at the sport, Martita quickly switched to Padel, and though at the time she did not envision any sort of career as a sportswoman, she felt she had no real love nor passion for basketball.

She was quick to fall in love with Padel. Martita picked up the tennis racket at a very young age which made her a native Padeler.

Ortega’s early introduction to Padel gave way to an opportunity to master strategic play and balance strength and speed at a formative age. All of these played a crucial role in her entry to professional courts at 15 and winning her very first title at 16.

2019, The Year of the Shooting Star

After six years of her debut in the World Padel Tour, intense training sessions helped her develop a methodical approach to Padel and learn to calculate winning shots.

At the 2019 WPT Córdoba Open, Martita earned her first world record. She won a historical title: The Youngest Highest Ranking Padel Player in the WPT.

Alongside her partner at the time, Marta Marrero, they won 7 consecutive titles.

Martita was also awarded the Padel Award for Best Player in the World in 2019.

Double Life

The Madrilenian’s success does not stop at sports. Her early extraordinary sportsmanship in Padel may be what opened the door for her to be able to achieve her dream job: to be a doctor.

Ever since her grandfather gave her a Gown, adorned with her white robe, she had only one goal in mind, other than winning every single Padel tournament she played, to become a doctor in medicine.

She graduated with a degree in medicine in 2021 and soon after started training at the Gregorio Marañón General University Hospital.

Martita enjoys both facets of her life and holds an equal passion for both, such is understood from the effort she puts in both and the projects she achieves. Only recently has she spent Christmas at a children’s hospital and helped raise 30 thousand gifts through her “Regala Sonrisas (Give smiles)” initiative. 

The parallel lives she leads may sound overwhelming and taxing, but Martita has expressed time and time again how much she enjoys both and how she assumes the sacrifices they demand.

A Reference to Padel Enthusiasts

Martita’s relentless efforts and bulldog-like concentration on her goals are exactly what made her a point of reference for many and earned her the number 5 ranking on the World Padel Tour as of 2023.

She began her climb to professional Padel by winning six consecutive Spanish championships for minors (from 2008 to 2013), two world titles (2009 and 2011), and many others at the regional level.

Not to mention the fact that she managed to cut a sponsorship deal with Adidas. Their contract has been active ever since 2016, Martita is an Adidas Padel athlete.

Martita has currently played in over 380 formal Padel tournaments, winning 271 of them for a success rate of 69%.

She has won 15 recognized World Padel Tour championships overall throughout her career, which include Open, Challenger, and Master’s competitions.

She won one of those 15 championships in 2017, seven in 2019, one in 2020, and four in 2022, such as the Amsterdam Open, as well as, two World Padel Championships with the Spanish team in 2021 and 2022.

All of which earned her number 5 on the World Padel Tour ranking of the best players.



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