Alejandro Galán’s Drop in the WPT ranks

Alejandro Galán

Like many, we have been following Galán’s padel tournaments for many years. If you are a fan of his and wish to know more about his accomplishments and life on the Padel courts, please read along.

Who is Alejandro Galán?

Alejandro Galán is a Spanish professional Padel player who currently occupies the fourth position in the World Padel Tour rankings. His incredible sportsmanship and hard work are attested to by the number of tournaments he won and his accumulation of a total of 13050 points throughout the years.

Galán has played a total of 475 games, of which he won 350. This brings his percentage to 73.7%. Impressively, this padel player has also amassed 18 consecutive victories.

Galán has been the number one player in the World Padel Tour rankings many times before. He monopolized the spot for three years alongside his partner, Juan Lebrón, in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Ale is known for smashing powerful shots and playing aggressively, which usually leads to exciting, long rallies. And even though he is still young, he is already a legend in the eyes of many, winning big titles like the European Padel Tour and the Padel Pro Tour. He has also won the Spanish National Padel Championship three times.

Alejandro is very engaged in the future of Padel as a sport and of Padel players as athletes; he was chairman of the Professional Padel Players Association (PPA) since its beginning in October 2021, helping to preserve the rights of professional Padel players. He resigned earlier this year for personal and professional reasons unknown to the public.

Alejandro Galán’s Professional Chart

Table 1

NameAlejandro Galán Romo
Birthdate15th May 1996
BirthplaceMadrid, Spain
Height6’1” (186 cm)
Playing positionBackhand (reverse)
Years Active2014- present
PartnersJuan Cruz Belluati (2016- 2017)
Matías Díaz (2018-2019)
Jauni Mieres (2019)
Pablo Lima (2019-2020)
Juan Lebrón Chincoa (2020- current)

Galán’s Debut as a Professional Padel Player

Alejandro Galán started in tennis but soon found his liking in padel tennis, recognizing his potential and what he could achieve. He entered the World Padel Tour scene in 2016 alongside Juan Cruz Belluati.

Ale’s lightning-fast net reflexes and strong physicality make him not only a top-notch partner but also a formidable opponent who displays minimal weaknesses on the court. The only way rivals can break free from the perfect games he strategizes is by somehow sidelining the Madrid native for a stretch, as seen during Juan’s recent injury. This setback did cause the duo to slip a few spots in the rankings. However, given their unwavering determination and shared game strategy, it is not far-fetched to imagine this pair, made from the same mold, making a speedy comeback up the ranks.

The beginning of Ale’s career in Padel was very rough; as he came from humble beginnings, it was hard for him to balance his passion and drive for Padel with his private life. His passion for the game was clear very early on, which is why he played as much as he could whenever he had the chance to develop his skills and hopefully climb up the ranks. After establishing himself as a great player and athlete, Galán was awarded a scholarship that propelled his prospects to become a great player in the minor leagues.

Although he kicked off his journey at a very young age, it was not until 2016, when he hit the ripe age of 20, that he truly skyrocketed to greatness and began to stand out in the professional circuits.

Galán’s Partners on the Padel Courts

With Juan Cruz Belluati as his regular doubles partner at the start of his career, Galán had a successful season and ranked sixth with Juan among the best WPT pairs, yet they still decided to separate in 2017. A year after joining forces with Matías Díaz, Galán won the Valladolid Open 2018 claiming his first-ever victory on the World Padel Tour. Ale maintained his winning streak in 2019, initially with Juani Mieres, with whom he won his first Master title, the Master of Argentina. However, in the middle of the year, Ale switched partners and began playing with Pablo Lima. He gained a lot of knowledge from the number one, at the time.

Despite winning several titles, this did not end up becoming his regular partner for very long. He started his 2020 season alongside his current partner, Juan Lebrón. The pair managed to take practically every prize in 2020, establishing themselves as a strong padel pair. It appears that they will remain together for a while.

In the words of Galán, the pair have always had defined goals, that they update annually. Both of them have high standards for themselves and their relationship and are constantly striving for improvement. Year after year, that desire sustains them.

Alejandro Galán’s Tournaments

Table 2

2018Matías DíazValladolid Open
Lugo Open
2019Juani MieresBuenos Aires Padel Master
Pablo LimaEstrella Damm Valencia Open
Cervezas Victoria Mijas Open
Cascais Padel Master
Estrella Damm Barcelona Master Final
2020Juan LebrónEstrella Damm Open (Madrid)
Vuelve A Madrid Open
Adeslas Open (Madrid
Estrella Damm València Open,
Estrella Damm Barcelona Master
Estrella Damm Alicante Open
2021Estrella Damm Alicante Open
Estrella Damm Santander Open
Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master
Cascais Padel Master,
Lugo Open
Estrella Damm Menorca Open
Estrella Damm Madrid Master Final
2022Estrella Damm Alicante Open
Circus Brussels Padel Open
Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master
Valladolid Master Caja Rural de Zamora
Cascais Open
Swedish Padel Open
Estrella Damm Menorca Open
Areco Malmö Padel Open
Buenos Aires Padel Master
Estrella Damm Barcelona Master Final

Galán has also played in many padel premiere tournaments, of which he won the Rome Major, Paris Major, Madrid P1, and Milan P1 of 2022 alongside Juan Lebron.

He participated in 2017, 2018, and 2019 in the Spanish Padel Championship as well as the European Padel Championship in 2017 and 2018. He took part in the Padel World Championships in 2019 and 2021.

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