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Miguel Yanguas Diez

One of the star players in professional padel world is the young Miguel Yanguas. Consolidating himself among the best rackets on the planet after 2023, Yanguas stands out for his power and ability on the court. At a very young age, he has partnered with renowned players such as Fernando Belasteguín, Momo González, Alejandro Arroyo, and Miguel Lamperti. If you want to know more about this intriguing young athlete, read more below.

Who is Miguel Yanguas?

Miguel Yanguas is a Spanish professional Padel player. Miguel is currently ranked number 15 on the WPT player rankings. This player has enjoyed 268 games, of which he won 164 and lost 104, consequently putting his win percentage at 61.19%, with a streak of 6 consecutive victories. Thus far, Yanguas has gathered 3940 points.

Between 2014 and 2019, Yanguas dominated the Spanish and international youth championships. However, what carved his name in stone at such a young age was a hat trick at the Junior World Championships: his first win was in 2015 in Mexico, at 13 years old, then at his home Malaga in 2017, and the success in 2019 in Castellon.

Miguel Yanguas’s Padel Chart

Table 1

NameMiguel Yanguas Díez
BirthdateMarch 18th 2002
BirthplaceMalaga, Spain
Height6’2” (189cm)
Playing PositionDrive (forehand)
Active Years2018- Present
PartnersÁlex Arroyo 2018
Iván Ramírez 2019
Miguel Lamperti 2020
Javier Garrido 2021
Iván Ramírez 2021
Coki Nieto 2022
Álex Arroyo, Leo Augsburger, Momo Gonzalez, Fernando Belasteguín, Víctor Ruiz, Pablo García (2023)
Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez (2023- current)

Miguel Yanguas has proved to be a fantastic team player. He takes full responsibility for his role as a Drive (forehand player) with vicious shots and well-thought-out tactics but also listens to his partners and values team play and the strategic essence of Padel.

Miguel Yangua’s Debut in Padel

Miguel took his first steps in Padel tennis at the age of seven. Like many of his contemporaries, Miguel was following his father’s footsteps. In 2017, he signed up with a Padel brand as the head of their junior team. In 2021, he climbed more than 20 positions on the World Padel Tour rankings.

Why Did Miguel Yanguas Change his Padel Partners So Many Times?

Miguel Yanguas pertains to a group of Padel players who seem to be changing their partners every three months. This constant flip-flop dance is not due to indecision or a lack of footing. Yanguas is a calm player who enjoys himself on the court; he is a strong competitor who has reached the top of the ranks in the blink of an eye. Only yesterday, Yanguas was the new kid at school, and today, he has played with many legendary players who see his potential and root for his climb to the number one spot.

The partner switch may be due to the overflowing yearly schedule of tournaments. Which in turn drains athletes physically. Yanguas admits that sometimes his knees hurt in the mornings. But in general, he feels better than ever, this year.  He has learned to keep up his cardio level with his games, in comparison to last year when his then partner, Coki, witnessed him drained of color, tournament after the other. Yanguas learned the hard way that playing with pain for many tournaments cannot get a player to achieve a great many things.

Miguel Yangua’s Future Partnerships

Yanguas has admitted in many interviews that he desires the stability of a long partnership; he is looking for a good project where he can finally have few distractions and progress in his game.

The instability that comes with changing partners weighs heavily on one’s mental capacity, just as well. One is always in doubt and on alert about what could happen. Playing Padel is a two-way street. Players cannot be the sole responsible for decisions concerning their matches, and consequently, they do not know what can happen to their partners. They might think they are good enough to play with a certain player who in turn may think they are not.

When it comes to regulating pair partnerships and switch-ups, Yanguas thinks it should be allowed in case of injuries or unexpected leaves of absence. Either that or require a minimum period of tournaments to be played before separating.

The 2023 season was rich in lessons for Yanguas and could be the turning point in his young but promising career. Keep an eye out for this Spanish sensation.

Tournaments and Titles Miguel Yanguas Won

National and International Titles

World champion for minors in 2015 in Mexico for teams with the Spanish National Team and in the Open category for couples.

World champion for minors in 2017 in Malaga in teams with the Spanish National Team and the Open category in pairs.

World champion for minors in 2019 in Castellón for teams with the Spanish National Team.

Champion of Spain for the Autonomous National Teams for minors in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Spanish Champion for Youth Teams in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Spanish Open champion for minor pairs in 2012 and 2016.

Runner-up in Spain for minors in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Champion of the National Master for Minors in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Runner-up in the National Master for Minors in 2013.

Champion of Andalusia for Minors in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

World Padel Tour

Albacete Challenger, with Javier Garrido.

Reus Open 2023, with Momo González.

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