World Padel Championships 2022

World Padel Championships 2022

The finals of the World Padel Championships 2022 will be organized from 31.10. to 05.11.2022 in Dubai. The place for the competitions is at the Dubai Tennis Stadium of the Aviation Club Tennis Centre in Dubai. This venue is an amazing location for the Padel World Championships as it is the home of Tennis in Dubai and has hosted the biggest events with all Tennis superstars since 1993. The stadium has seats for 5.000 people, VIP areas, and a specific area for the Royals and the press.

The location is very convenient for all Padel people coming abroad as it is located just next to the Dubai International Airport. The World Padel Championships are organized this year by International Padel Federation (FIP) and United Arab Emirates Padel Association (UAEPA).

What is the setup for the World Padel Championships?

All the country teams are divided into one of four groups. They compete against each other team in a round-robin format. Read more about what is a round-robin format. Ties are played as the best of three matches with each match being the best of three tie-break sets.

The draw is going to be on Sunday 30th of October and is a part of the opening ceremony.

What are the nations competing at the World Padel Championships?

Great BritainJapan
United Arab EmiratesUnited States
Participant countries in World Padel Championships in 2022

How are the countries selected?

Participating countries are selected over the year in the continental qualifyings all around the world organized by the International Padel Federation together with the local country federations.

Prize Money

The World Padel Championships XVI will have all-time high prize money of €500.000. It will be distributed equally between women and men to all final-stage qualified countries. The federations will be responsible for the distribution of the prize money.

LIVE coverage to watch the World Padel Championships

You can find LIVE broadcasting from the FIP Youtube channel of the WPC 2022.

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Great to see how the countries will perform and who is the winning team of the women and men categories!

I wasn’t born a world champion. I just worked really hard to become one.

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