Verónica Virseda Spain’s Fiery Backhand

Verónica Virseda Sánchez

PADEL1969 presents Verónica Virseda, a champion Spanish Padel player. Verónica is an example of perseverance, she fought against adversity but kept on standing up valiant on her two feet. If you’re interested in knowing more about her, please read along with us.

Who is Verónica Virseda Sánchez

Verónica Virseda is a professional Spanish padel player who, as of January 2024, is ranked 15th by the WPT statistics. Vero Virseda has played a total of 296 games, of which she won 157 and lost 139. Her winning percentage amounts to 53.04% Vero has a streak of six consecutively won games. She has gathered 4410 points so far.

She has been proclaimed Padel world champion in the highest category with the Spanish National Team and won the European Championship in Rome with the Spanish National Team.

She has a bachelor’s in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences

Verónica Virseda’s Padel Chart

Table 1

NameVerónica Virseda Sánchez
BirthdateJuly 1st 1992
BirthplaceToledo, Spain
Height5’7” (170cm)
SportTennis (retired in 2009) Padel tennis
Playing PositionReverse (backhand)
Active Years2013 – present
PartnersBárbara de Las heras (2013)
Lucía Martínez (2014)
Valeria Pavón (2015-2016)
Maite Gabarrús (2017)
Sandra Hernández (2018)
Mari Carmen Villalba (2019- 2020)
Lucía Martínez (2021)
Bárbara de Las heras (2022-2023)
Bea Caldera (2023)
Claudia Jensen Sirvent (2023)
Aranzazu Osoro (2024- present)

Veronica Virseda’s greatest strength is her objective vision which allows her to combat imposter’s syndrome. She possesses the ability to visualize past matches, and her best moments on the court, as a way to remind herself of her worth and ability. Essentially, reminding herself that what has already been done can be outdone.

Verónica Virseda’s Debut as a Professional Athlete

Veronica was eight years old when she started playing sports. Her sport of choice at the time was Tennis. She played at the High-Performance Center of the European University of Villaviciosa de Odón. She went on to compete in Spanish Championships for 11 years. She competed in different categories, as well as in tournaments in France and Portugal, and in events where she faced rivals that were climbing to the top of the tennis charts. In the end, she left the sport because of economic issues and the toughness of competing on the WTA circuit.

Verónica Virseda’s Debut in Padel

Vero started playing tennis, professionally, at a very young age. Being a professional in this sport and retiring at 17 left her wanting more. She loved competing and setting goals. Consequently, after two years of “pause”, she decided to try her hand at Padel. Vero, quickly, fell in love with Padel tennis, it was exactly what she was looking for. She decided to dedicate herself body and soul to Padel tennis where her qualities, performance, and effort to improve have led her to be one of the best players in a short amount of time.

Virseda’s father is the one who introduced her to the sport. He used to play regularly with his friends and promised her that one day she would accompany him for a game. Unsurprisingly, on an unceremonious day, he found himself without a partner, leading Vero to an unexpected game that would change the trajectory of her life.

After that game, she immediately signed for the Toledo team Club Monteverde (La Legua) and that is exactly where her career began. After this first stage, Verónica Virseda became a professional. In this regard, she entered the 2014 World Padel Tour ranking 37th in the world, and in two years she rose to the 14th rank.

What is Verónica Virseda Like?

Vero is a player who takes great care of her image both on and off the court and dedicates the necessary time both to training and to maintaining a personal and professional image in line with the current times. She believes that to be a successful athlete you need ambition, commitment, dedication, perseverance, motivation, the ability to focus attention, and, above all, intelligence. She took a liking to Padel because of its competitive nature but also because it is a team sport where you must share mental charges with a teammate.

Verónica Virseda’s Injuries

Veronica has suffered two major injuries during her time as a professional Padel player.

The first was in 2016 when she had to go through heart surgery. Vero had suffered from cardiac arrhythmia ever since she was 8 years old. She declares perfectly remembering her first incident where she felt something was wrong, however, nothing major had happened to her at the time. She lived a healthy life and played professional sports with no issues. But in 2016, it hit her hard, after resuscitation the doctors told her that it would be impossible to continue playing professional sports if she did not have surgery, a catheter ablation. It was eye-opening for her, as she never thought of the hobby that became her career being fleeting. After evaluating different opinions, she went through with the operation and luckily it was relatively simple, and everything went well.

The second injury Veronica suffered was plantar fasciitis, this one had her withdraw mid-competition. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the tissue along the bottom of the foot that connects the heel bone to the toes. This injury appears to be due to exertion on Veronica’s part. Eventually, she healed nicely and went back to the courts stronger than before.

Verónica Virseda’s Contribution to the Promotion of Padel

Verónica has been a major advocate for the advancement and spread of Padel both on a National and International scale. Back in 2015, Verónica was part of an expedition to Tokyo whose aim was to introduce and inform others on the other side of the world of this new up-and-coming sport. She stayed for a few months and was able to teach a few padel classes. When they went to Tokyo, they found only two padel courts, after their expedition Padel spread like wildfire, and many more courts were built.

On the national scale, the regional president and the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports Rosa Ana Rodríguez awarded Vero and many of her contemporary Spanish athletes who come from her region monetary aid in support of elite athletes. They launched a call to make this aid effective for athletes, events, federations, and clubs of Castilla-La Mancha. The sum total was one million six hundred thousand euros for beginner athletes as well as the elite. The award included 91 athletes at the time.

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