Delfina Brea, Argentina’s Promise


Today we are covering Delfina Brea’s Padel Career. This Player is one of the most promising young Padel players of this decade. Delfina Brea has been under the radar of many sports outlets for a while. If you are interested in her story and want to know more about her then, please, read along with us.

Who is Delfina Brea?

Delfina Brea is an Argentinian professional padel player. Brea’s young spirit and talent have pushed her up to the top ten WPT players. She is currently ranked seventh. A well-deserved spot for someone of her caliber. Brea’s games have been known to be aggressive; she is the type of player to never gives up on balls. Brea takes every match seriously as she gives her everything in every game. She has played a total of 297 games, of which she won 194 and lost 103, rounding up her winning percentage to 65.32%. Brea has an impressive round of eight consecutively won matches.

Delfina Brea won her very first WPT tournament at the Santander Open 2021, when she was just 20 years old, alongside her then partner: Tamara Icardo; she was also awarded the MVP title of that tournament.

She currently holds the number three ranking in the WPT pairs with her current partner Bea González.

She is also currently occupying the fifth position in the race to the 2023 master final.

Delfina Brea’s Professional Padel Chart

Table 1

NameDelfina Brea Sensei
Birthdate5th December 1999
BirthplaceBuenos Aires, Argentina
Height5’6” (170 cm)
Playing PositionDrive
Active Years2015- present
PartnersCatarina Nogueira (2018) Beatriz González Fernández (2019) Teresa Navarro López Barajas(2019) Catarina Nogueira (2020) Tamara Icardo (2020- 2022) Sofia Araujo (2023) Beatriz González Fernández (2023- current)

Delfina Brea’s Debut in Padel

As a daughter of the former Padel player, now renowned international coach, Nito Brea, Delfina had the privilege of growing up around Padel tennis as a sport specifically and athletes in general. Her father, as a coach in Buenos Aires, her home, has a large padel club, in which Brea could develop her skills and passion for the game. She started playing tennis first, and for many years she was content with it as an extracurricular activity where she was able to enjoy lighthearted competition. However, at age 12, Brea got tired of tennis and felt the need for change. Brea was not having fun playing tennis anymore, so she went to the next best thing: Padel. She felt Padel could liven her up and motivate her more, as it felt like a new sport with new heights and obstacles to achieve.

Padel, for Delfina Brea, started as a hobby, and little by little became her profession. Nowadays, Brea feels very fortunate and thankful for the opportunity that allowed her to make out of her hobby, a career she could live off of. She started playing padel tennis in her home, Buenos Aires, but she had to move to Spain at just 17 years old to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional player. Her journey up the WPT ranks is full of sacrifice and hard-earned small and big achievements alike.

The Number Three Padel Pair

Delfina Brea began the 2023 season feeling confident in her pairing with Sofia Araujo. Up until this point, Brea had changed partners pretty consistently throughout the years. She would start new projects approximately each new season. However, Delfina Brea and the Portuguese Araujo surprisingly split up a few months after joining forces. The couple had started in great form this 2023 season. But, mid-season debut, Delfina received a call from an old friend, Brea Gonzalez; a call to play together. The offer was very tempting and sudden. It was a difficult decision, and ending a project that had just begun was unpleasant for Delfina. But it was a great opportunity and the potential success accompanied appealed better to Delfina’s goals.

This new dynamic duo is not new at all, in fact, it was everyone’s favorite pair back in 2019.  Delfina and Bea know each other very well, they have shared a court before and therefore know each other’s playing styles very well. One look at each other, and the pair already knows what the other is thinking, communication between the two of them is very seamless.

Their strengths are complementary. Bea is a decisive and aggressive player, which is key for Delfi’s game of setting up the point and defending the net. Delfina’s game depends on someone with a dynamic game that stands by the net and tries to round out the points. That is where they make up for each other.

When they decided to team up, it was to aim higher, and that is exactly what they did. As of autumn 2023, they have won three tournaments already. Bea, claimed once in a recent interview that she does not want to play with anyone else in her life beside Delfina. The latter believes it a pleasure to play with Bea as they get along very well and respect each other’s goals.

Titles and Tournaments Won by Delfina Brea

Paris Challenger 2019 with Beatriz González

Santander Open 2021 with Tamara Icardo

Valladolid Master 2021 with Tamara Icardo

Valencia Open 2021 with Tamara Icardo

Malaga Open 2021 with Tamara Icardo

Lugo Open 2021 with Tamara Icardo

Areco Malmö Padel Open 2021 with Tamara Icardo.

Danish Padel Open 2023 with Bea González

Valladolid Master 2023 with Bea González

Finland Padel Open 2023 with Bea González

Delfina’s Advice for Novice Players

Delfina implores Padel enthusiasts, amateurs, and fans to never give up. According to the player, there will be many ups and downs, tournaments, and years in which things will not go as you want and expect, but you have to remain persistent, trusting that success will be yours, and you will see that the game is worth it. She adds that the key to having fun and succeeding without losing your passion is to surround yourself with a team that you blindly trust.

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