Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez


Sanyo, The Padel Magician of San Luis

Gutiérrez ‘s career speaks for itself. The legend needs no introduction, however, if you want to know how he got into this sport and what his journey has been like at the top of the WPT charts, then please follow along with us.

Who is Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez

Daniel Gutiérrez is a 39-year-old Argentinian professional Padel player. This ace of a player better known under the name Sanyo Gutiérrez is known as ‘the magician of San Luis’; many Padel fans have the famous phrase “Abracadabra Gutiérrez” echoing in their ears.

Sanyo is currently ranked 11th on the WPT ranking. Throughout his career, he played a whopping 603 games, of which he won 457 matches and lost 147, which amounts his winning percentage to 75.79%. Impressively, He has gathered 6205 points. Additionally, according to the WPT statistics he won 13 consecutive games.

Sanyo Gutiérrez’s Professional Chart

Table 1

NameCarlos Daniel Gutiérrez
BirthdateJune 15th 1984
BirthplaceSan Luis, Argentina
Height5’8” (177cm)
Playing PositionDrive
Active Years2006 -present
PartnersGuillermo Lahoz (2009)
Sebastián Nerone (2010-2012)
Maxi Sánchez (2013-2014)
Juani Mieres (2015)
Paquito Navarro (2016-2017)
Maxi Sánchez (2018-2019)
Franco Stupaczuk (2020)
Fernando Belasteguín (2021)
Agustín Tapia  (2021-2022)
Agustín Gutiérrez (2023-current)


When did Sanyo Gutiérrez Start Playing Padel

Sanyo Gutiérrez started playing Padel, at just about 11 years old, with his father and brother. His family played Tennis mainly; however, they switched to padel tennis at a time of extreme popularity for this sport in Argentina. Sanyo, influenced by his elders, played a little tennis at the beginning but turned to padel tennis shortly after as well.

He embarked on a full-time padel career by playing the professional circuits at 15 years old. He tried playing both padel and football for a while, but in the end, he stuck with padel. Sanyo had known at a very young age that he wanted to devote himself to Padel tennis and give it his all. This sport turned out to be very promising for the young ambitious Sanyo, and it gave him a chance which he took without much hesitation.

In 2006, he moved to Spain for better chances at international recognition and better opportunities. At that stage, Sanyo was full of hope and did not realize what doors would open before him; in 10 years, he would win the Padel World Cup alongside the Padel legend Belasteguín.

At 22 years old, Sanyo left his life in Argentina, to carve a name for himself in Spain. Right around 2007, Sanyo proceeded to play in many tournaments and climb their charts gradually, and eventually, he reached some Padel Pro Tour quarterfinals alongside various pairings.

Sanyo Gutiérrez’s Padel Partners

Sanyo Gutiérrez’s Beginnings on the Professional Courts

With more than 35 titles, Sanyo has had quite an extraordinary career. Sanyo started playing on the professional circuits beside Guillermo Lahoz and Sebastián Nerone, both of whom he remembers developing his game with. He won his very first tournament with Sebastián Nerone. Nevertheless, it was with Maxi Sánchez, a childhood friend, that he performed his best. The pair won two Master finals when they were together, which Sanyo considers among his most special titles; in one of the Master finals, they competed against the top couple at the time (Bela and Juan) and came out victorious.

Sanyo’s Decisions as a Professional Padel Player

Later, Sanyo partnered with Paquito Navarro, with whom he repeated the 2014 scenario and won against the top padel pair at the time (Bela and Pablo Lima). After three years, Sanyo announced the return of his partnership with Maxi Sánchez. This time around, the pair finished the 2018 season as the number one pair on the World Padel Tour rankings, becoming the first pair to overthrow Fernando Belasteguín’s 16-year rule on the charts (first with Juan Martín Díaz, then with Pablo de Lima).  

They parted ways again in 2020. Sanyo played this season alongside the talented Franco Stupaczuk. Despite the couple’s very high aspirations, they were unable to break the relentless rhythm of the season.

In 2021, Sanyo joined forces with Fernando Belasteguín, with whom he already shared a team in the Argentinian national team and won the Padel World Cup. This pair was explosive, having two legends who have been rivals for years play beside each other was something!

2022 saw a new dynamic duo mixing old padel with new fast-paced padel was exhilarating to watch; the games were never a bore with Sanyo playing alongside Agustín Tapia. It was a very successful partnership that was wearing Sanyo down. He started to seem a little off course, so the need for a fresh challenge to keep himself motivated was tangible. In 2023, Sanyo is playing with his protégé and family, Agustín Gutiérrez.

Who is Sanyo Gutiérrez on the Padel Courts

Sanyo is an extremely modest player whose excitement never fails to prevail in every tournament. Nowadays, Sanyo thinks he has achieved most of the goals on his list; however, giving up or letting the mantle go was never his plan. Sanyo hopes to maintain his current level.

Tournaments Won by Sanyo Gutiérrez

Table 2

2011Palma de Mallorca, SpainSebastián Nerone
2012Alicante, Spain
Gijón, Spain
Bilbao, Spain
Logroño, Spain
2013Valencia, SpainMaxi Sánchez
Villa Martelli, Argentina
Masters WPT Madrid, Spain
2014Málaga, Spain
Masters WPT Madrid, Spain
2015Madrid, SpainJuani Mieres
2016Valencia, SpainPaquito Navarro  
La Nucia, Spain
Masters WPT Madrid, Spain
2017Santander, Spain
Miami, United States
Valladolid, Spain
Sevilla, Spain
Andorra la Vieja, Andorra
2018Badalona, SpainMaxi Sánchez  
Zaragoza, Spain
Jaén, Spain
Mijas, Spain
Andorra la Vieja, Andorra
Lisboa, Portugal
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Murcia, Spain
2019Marbella, Spain
Logroño, Spain
Vigo, Spain
Mahón, Spain
México, Mexico
2020Mahón, SpainFranco Stupaczuk
2021Madrid, SpainFernando Belasteguín  
Vigo, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Malmö, SwedenAgustín Tapia  
2022Reus, Spain
Copenhague, Denmark
Viena, Austria
Valencia, Spain
Málaga, Spain

Sanyo considers Padel as an attractive sport. There are lots of people who are interested in it and its openness to everyone. That is why amateur people love to play. Furthermore, it is a very social sport, you always end up making friends and most importantly, padel breeds a healthy environment. If you are ready to join the Padel community, then please check our blogs for a deep dive into this sport.

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