Gonzalo Rubio’s Lucky 3rd Decade

Gonzalo Rubio Pérez

Welcome back to PADEL1969. This week’s Padel player has been biding his time and playing in the shadows during his young years. It was not until his third decade that he flourished among his peers. If Gonzalo Rubio’s story of success at 30 intrigues you, then read more below,

Who is Gonzalo Rubio Pérez?

Gonzalo Rubio is a professional Padel player on the Premier Padel circuit. In World Padel Tour, as of February 2024, Rubio is ranked 20th. He has played a total of 390 games, and he has won 185 matches and lost 205. This brings his winning percentage up to 47.44%. Throughout his career on the professional circuit, he cumulated 2904 points and managed to win in 7 consecutive games.

He was the champion of Spain and Andalusia in all junior categories, as well as the champion of the 2003 juvenile and 2009 Junior World Championships.

He was 2016’s absolute champion of Spain, alongside his then-padel partner Javier Ruiz.

As of 2022, he had accumulated five years of experience teaching Padel professionally. He offered his clients (individuals or groups) classes on tactics and techniques at any level, using his years of experience on the professional courts as a guide. (his courses are no longer available)

Gonzalo Rubio Pérez’s Padel Chart

The following is a summary of Gonzalo Rubio’s history.

Table 1

NameGonzalo Rubio Pérez
BirthdateFebruary 22nd 1991
BirthplaceSevilla, Spain
Height6’ (183cm)
Playing PositionDrive (forehand)
Active Years2009- present
PartnersRicardo Martínez (2012- 2013)
Javier Pérez (2015)
Javier Ruiz (2016)
Maty Marina (2016)
Victor Ruiz (2017)
Javi Garrido (2017- 2018)
Ernesto Moreno (2018- 2019)
Javi Garrido, Christian Fuster, and Juani Mieres (2020)
Christian Fuster, Rafa Mendez, and Ivan Ramirez (2021)
Jorge Ruiz, Miguel Benítez, and Alex Arroyo (2022)
Javi Ruiz, Alex Arroyo, and Pincho Fernandez (2023)
Maxi Sanchez (2024- current)

Gonzalo Rubio Pérez’s Debut in Padel

Gonzalo Rubio started playing Padel at the age of seven. He was a member of the junior Padel tennis school of the social club in his town. It also happened that his entire family and many of his friends were members of the Zaudín Club. In these beginnings, he shared the court with players who won numerous titles at the national and international level in minors. Of those who remain in today’s WPT ranks, the legendary Paquito Navarro.

At first, playing padel had only been a hobby for Rubio. It was all fun and games until his competitive spirit took over him, which led him to develop a love for Padel, eventually sacrificing his all for it. 

Gonzalo Rubio remains thankful to his parents to this day. His discovery and eventual dedication to Padel Tennis was due to his parents. His parents were fully involved and supportive of his desired career since the day he showed interest in Padel as a young lad. He believes that without their help, it would not have been possible to be where he is.

Gonzalo Rubio’s Padel Shots

One of Rubio’s best shots is the Vibora shot. The Vibora is an attacking shot where the player has to position themselves facing the lateral walls of the court. It has a very particular effect on the ball. After the rebound off the glass, opponents are often destabilized by the trajectory of the ball. Thus, giving a chance for the player to win a point once the ball is returned because then the opponents will only think of deflecting the Vibora. With the force it comes at them, there is no way to use it to attack.

Gonzalo was declared in 2022 to have the best shot of the year. After diving to the ground, lifting the padel ball over the net, and if that were not enough, recovering it from out the door.

Chasing Success in Padel

Gonzalo Rubio is one of those athletes whose name did not peak very many times, but he kept fighting for success and perfecting his craft year after year. He was a junior prodigy, but making the switch to professional Padel gave him a different perspective on loss. It became a learning lesson, a reason to hit the courts more often instead of sulk.

Padel for Gonzalo has kept him away from family and friends alike. It has kept him from a lot. But in his eyes, it was all worth it. Now, over 30 years old, he feels better than ever before. His natural progression up the ranks and in technique has him fulfilled.

2022 was Gonzalo Rubio’s year. His maturity had allowed him to make decisions and take risks he would not have taken as a young Padel player. He had six different partners (3 of which were either for one tournament or for different circuits than the WPT) and played in three different circuits (WPT, FIP, PREMIER).

His efforts had not been in vain. He climbed twenty positions up the WPT ranks and won the FIP’s Platinum CDMX and FIP’s gold San Marino.

Why did Gonzalo Rubio Change Partners so Much?

In Gonzalo Rubios’ eyes, maintaining a constant partner for a long time has been difficult. A consequence of the fact that there are constant changes of partners on the circuits. During his years as a junior player, he was lucky to have the same partner for many years, alternating some years with other teammates. However, ever since he turned 18, he started having many changes of partners. His main goal is to find stability. That would entail good results and a good relationship with his partner.

He advises beginner players to prioritize communication. Sharing good feelings with your partner on the court will eventually contribute to finding a balance, where each player performs their role on the court without inhibitions. Partners have to be able to complete one another so that they can support and encourage each other in the good times and especially in the bad.

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