High Quality Steel Structure​

We use the highest quality of steel to provide our clients with the quality they deserve.
For outdoor courts, we do the structure of even thicker profiles that are hot dip galvanised before colour coating. Colour options are unlimited, and the most popular colours used are black, white and blue.
We can even use the colour of your car.

High Quality Tempered Glass​

We offer the best tempered glasses with the thickness of 12mm which makes them the most suitable solution for Panoramic court. Measuring 1995x2995mm. Thermally tempered glass according to EN-12150-2.

Supercourt Performance Turf ​

We use Mondo Supercourt XN flooring which is the official World Padel Tour artificial grass for Padel courts. Also DOMO M/27 is another option as it is used in WPT Challenger. Synthetic grass model is monofilament curly or normal based on client’s decision. Infill is done with Silica sand, grain size of 0,2-0,5mm, optimal for Padel sports.

Xitanium LED Lighting​

Lighting is to make playing experience full of joy 24/7. Set of 200W LED lights x 8 for the court. IP66 rating with PHILIPS driver, including cable till the bottom of the columns. Electrical installation and connection always done locally aligned with the local regulation.

Tailoring of the Courts​

We can customize your court to your needs and preferences. We have variety of innovative solutions how you can complement your Padel court.

Professional Installation Service Worldwide​

We do professional installation of the courts to secure optimal performance for the players. Steel structure and glasses are important to install and fit horizontally even if the flooring is not totally even. Supercourt performance turf is making the difference for the players and their preferences in the amount of sand used in the installation. We also provide installation services for the future when you need to change the turf to a new one or remove the whole Padel court to a new location.

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