Fede Chingotto, a Mouse in Disguise


Federico Chingotto has been on our radar for quite a while, he demonstrates great physical ability, attitude, and sportsmanship. If you are ready to get to know this Argentinian Prodigy, then please read along with us.

Who Is Fede Chingotto?

Federico Chingotto, also known as Fede or “El Ratón” is an Argentinian professional Padel player. Fede is currently ranked number eight on the WPT ranks. This Padel player has played 368 matches, of which he won 245 and lost 123. He has dedicated a lot of his time to the game. He played as much as he could to gain experience and hone his skills. Fede has a success rate of 66.58%. He has ten consecutive victories as proof of his love and dedication to Padel Tennis. Federico Chingotto has gained 7265 points playing different tournaments on the WPT circuit throughout the years, according to the WPT statistics.

He was the number one player on the Argentinian circuit alongside Juan Tello, and in 2015, they were the 5th best couple in the world according to the WPT rankings.

His nickname, “El Ratón” (the mouse), was given to him for his extraordinarily fast feet on the Padel court. Without notice, he sneaks around the court like a mouse.

Outside Padel, Fede is a fishing fan, which helps calm his nerves. He proclaims to be known as a nervous person, and that is the only area in which he is calm.

Fede Chingotto’s Chart

Fede is not just an exceptional Padel player; he’s a true fighter. He once declared that he would rise a hundred times, if necessary, undeterred by setbacks until he achieved his goals. This unwavering determination is mirrored in his remarkable defensive skills on the court.

Table 1

NameFederico Chingotto
BirthdateApril 13th 1997
BirthplaceBuenos Aires, Argentina
Height5’7” (170 cm)
Playing PositionDrive
Active Years2010- present
PartnersJuan Tello (2015-2022)
Paquito Francisco Navarro (2023- current)

However, it’s not just his prowess in Padel that endears Fede to those around him. Wherever he plays, there’s an outpouring of affection and adoration from people who admire his tenacity and sportsmanship.

Federico Chingotto’s Debut in Padel

Federico Chingotto’s first encounter with Padel was when he was just about five years old. After watching his whole family play Padel, gradually Fede developed a liking for the sport and started enjoying himself on the Padel courts. However, everything changed when he was twelve or thirteen; at first, it was just a hobby for little Fede, but something happened to him where his love for the game developed into a love of Padel competition, and from then on, he got invested in Padel and wanted to dedicate himself fully to it.

An Argentinian in Europe

Federico Chingotto was a young talent from the Olavarrías Padel Association (APO). He first stood out in the world of padel in 2016 when, together with Juan Tello, they reached the main draw at the Alicante Open. While they were still teenagers, these two rising stars teamed up and clinched their first championship title in Olavarría, which happened to be Chingotto’s hometown.

It all began back in 2013 when the duo triumphed at the junior world championships, catching the attention of the entire Padel community in Argentina. But it was their standout performance at the 2016 Fabrice Pastor Cup that really put them on the map. This tournament, organized by a businessman, takes place across several South American countries and rewards the champions with an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe to compete in a World Padel Tour event. Thanks to the support from this businessman’s company, these Argentinian padel prodigies were able to showcase their immense talent in Europe. Their journey was nothing short of impressive, with 22 victories out of 29 matches in 2016 alone, they made their debut on the European courts as fully established athletes.

Chingotto’s Partnership with Tello

Before becoming worldwide stars of padel, the two Argentinians, Chingotto and Tello, battled from the ages of 13 and 15 on the Argentinian professional circuit. This long-term relationship that the two had sustained for 7 years on the Padel courts and more outside of the courts served them more than what they could have asked for, the pair are true brothers. They traveled to Spain together and stuck together for their first years all alone and away from their families, supporting each other through the thorns of living in a new environment completely unfamiliar to the pair.

After years of playing side by side, the decision to split was something that had been a long time coming, the pair were having a bad time and weren’t enjoying the matches like they used to. They were close to a final, and several semi-finals, in fact, they were competing very well, however, the competition was increasingly tightening and leveling up. Sadly, it was apparent that “El Gato” (Tello) and “Super Ratón” (Chingotto) were having difficulty achieving results.

Fede Chingotto believed that he would finish his career alongside Juan Tello, but their performance did not feel up to par for them and a decision had to be made. Fede says that one has to bet on long-term projects and not immediate results which is why this change of heart was not sudden they had time to adapt before “changing hastily due to the lack of results”.

This split has genuinely saddened us fans of the pair. Nonetheless, the pair learned a lot from each other. Fede now knows to be a little more of a guide, to try to lead the Padel couple and to be calmer.

One WPT title

Chingotto’s career alongside Tello was not all loss, in fact, together they played very well. The very first trophy Fede and Juan won was on the World Padel Tour during the Paris Challenger, at Casa Padel in 2018 (victory against their compatriots Ramiro Moyano and Lucho Capra in the final). That same year, they added a second Challenger to their list, at Arroyo de la Encomienda. Yet, as a pair they could not achieve what they set their hearts on when they came to Europe, to win WPT tournaments. Things seemed to look up in 2020 when they reached the final of the Madrid Open and won their first WPT tournament, the Las Rozas in Madrid against Pablo Lima and Paquito Navarro. Be that as it may, that was their first and only WPT title to date.

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