Leo Augsburger and Argentina’s Future in Padel

Leandro Roman Augsburger

Welcome back to PADEL1969’s Padel player exposé. This week’s star is a young Argentinian player. Leo Augsburger was a young promise two years ago, last year he showed his mettle by reaching a few finals. If you want to know more about Leo, read more. 2024 will be Leo’s chance to make it among the legends.

Who is Leandro Augsburger?

Leandro Román Augsburger, better known as Leo Augsburger, is an Argentinian professional padel player, as of Jan 2024, Leo occupies the 17th position in the WPT rankings. He plays in the backhand position alongside Valentino Libaak. Leo currently has 3325 points total, an astonishingly high number considering the fact that he played only 52 games on the WPT circuit, of which he won 25 and lost 27. This has put his winning percentage at 48%.

In 2021, at only 16 years old, Leo won his first professional title in Nogoyá, Argentina, together with Alan Martínez.

In 2023, Leo was crowned champion of the Absolute Pan American Padel Tournament with the Argentinian National Team.

Leandro’s Padel Chart

Table 1

NameLeandro Roman Augsburger
BirthdateAugust 11th, 2004
BirthplacePosadas Misiones, Argentina
Height6’3” (190 cm)
Playing PositionReverse (Backhand)
Active YearsPresent
PartnersAlan Martíneẓ (2021) Ricardo Gomez Campos (2021) Juan Ignacio De Pascual on the AJPP AND APT circuits (2021-2022) Emmanuel Mandrile (2022)
Federico Quiles APT (2022)
Ignacio Piotto and Raúl Medina López WPT (2022)
Alex Chozas APT (2022)
Santiago Rolla PREMIER LEAGUE (2022)
Mike Yanguas and Javi Rico (2022)
Valentino Libaak (2022- current)

He has an eager approach, and his padel skills are undeniable therefore his games are fast but lack a bit more experience.

Leo Augsburger’s Debut in Padel

Leo grew up around parents who were passionate players of padel. he trained in the city of Posadas, where his parents own a padel court complex. Consequently, spending most of his waking moments around amateurs and professional padel players alike, picking up both the passion and the pleasure from them. He stood out from a very young age in the circuit of his city, playing in junior tournaments and such. At the age of 14, Leo was called up by the Argentinian national team under-16. Which earned him the “most important young reference” title, this achievement gave him the motivation to go all in, to train and fight for his dreams.

Leo Augsburger Plays All Fields

Leo’s dreams are far and wide but his first one as a Padel player was to be to be able to make a living off of this passion of his. In 2021, Leo made his debut in both the World Padel Tour and the American Padel Tour (APT). Then returned to Argentina to play the AJPP professional circuit and in 3 months of competition he managed to position himself as the best player on the circuit, winning 6 tournaments in 9 finals played, including the final master with Juan Ignacio De Pascual. Therefore, firmly established himself as the best Argentinian player of 2021.

Leo shows great interest in all of Padel’s national and international circuits. He has participated in as many as his schedule could spare. A strategy that seems to be working in his favor, as he is gaining experience with different partners he plays with at different circuits, never playing with the same partner.

Leo Augsburger’s Future within the WPT Circuit

His current dream is to reach the top 5 players of the WPT ranking. To this end, we see Leo putting more of his focus on the WPT circuit than ever before. He made the full move to Spain and started training with Pablo Crosetti. In 2023, at the Mexico Open, Leo faced the number 1 couple in the world alongside his partner, Tino Libaak, but this time they did not manage to win. They lost 4-6 and 2-6. However, his great performance in the tournament did not go unnoticed at all, on the contrary, it served as the impetus to make the final leap to Europe and compete regularly in WPT tournaments.

In January 2023, the NOX Future Academy, a Padel institute aimed at training promising young players, presented Leo Augsburger as one of its main sponsored players. By the end of 2023, Leo Augsburger was one step away from the Final Master in Barcelona. He earned 600 points in the season, plus another 90 bonuses for eliminating seeded couples. This allowed him to qualify as a substitute player for the WPT Final Master and wait for registrations.

Leo Augsburger’s Investment in Padel

His interest in Padel does not stop at personal gain and development. Leo has maintained contact with his fellow Padel players from his hometown. Leo is always talking to his friends and colleagues to find out how the development of Padel tennis is going in the province he came from. He regularly goes out to towns around Argentina to give conferences about Padel and play exhibition matches. He stands on his belief in Argentinian talent and its future prosperity.

Tournaments Won by Leo Augsburger

P1 tournaments

The 2023 CMB Monaco Master with Alex Chozas

AJPP tournaments

Table 2

2021NogoyáAlan Martínez
La RiojaNicolás Egea
PellegriniJuani De Pascual
San Bernardo
AJPP Master Final
2022General Roca
AguilaresLautaro Mambrini
Bell VilleValentino Libaak
Villa Mercedes

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