How Jessica Castello Found Her True Calling in Padel

Jessica Castello Lopez

Jessica Castello has been an inspiration for many young women and girls in Padel. If you are interested in learning more about her career and how she came up with Padel, read more below.

Who is Jessica Castelló?

Jessica Castelló is a Spanish professional Padel player. This padel powerhouse currently ( as of March 2024) ranks 9th in the world, according to the FIP rankings. With a solid 55.60%-win percentage, she has racked up an impressive 4064 points. Her record speaks volumes( according to her 2023 WPT statistics) – 144 wins and 115 losses from 259 matches played. Notably, she has strung together an incredible streak of 7 consecutive victories. A force to be reckoned with on the court, this player’s stats are sure to captivate padel enthusiasts worldwide.

Castello studied psychology at university.

In 2021, Castello and her then-partner, Alix Collombon, won the WPT’s Nucia Challenger and the Alfafar Challenger. She was voted the most valuable player (MVP) in both finals.

She was the revelation couple of the 2023 season with Claudia Jensen.

Jessica Castelló’s Padel Chart

Castello is a fast player who believes that a padel game is 80% technique and 20% strength. Her best shots are the forehand volley and the two-handed backhand.

Table 1

NameJessica Castelló López
BirthdateOctober 28th 1997
BirthplaceVillena, Spain
Height5’6” (169 cm)
SportTennis (quit) Padel Tennis
Playing PositionReverse (backhand)
Active Years2019- present
PartnersAnna Cortiles (2018- 2020)
Alix Collombon (2020- 2022)
Claudia Jensen (2023) Sofia Araujo
(2023) Aranzazu Osoro (2023)
Claudia Jensen (2024- current)

Jessica Castelló’s Debut in Padel Tennis

Jessica Castelló was immersed in the world of racket sports from the very beginning. Her father, an avid fan, brought her along to tournaments with his friends when she was still just a baby. That ensured a racket found its way into her tiny hands at the earliest chance. Those formative experiences laid the groundwork for a competitive fire that would burn brightly throughout her childhood and adolescence. From the tender age of 5 until she was 18 years old, Jessica Castello devoted herself wholly to the game of tennis, honing her skills at the local circuit year after year.

However, frustration began to set in as she approached adulthood. Try as she might, becoming a professional tennis player seemed impossible. Her achievements in the junior leagues paled in comparison to what she was facing as an adult player. Her motivation deflated, and the drive that had propelled her through countless hours of training diminished slowly. At 18, she decided to walk away from tennis competition. But the competitive itch still needed scratching. She missed that indescribable thrill of going toe-to-toe against a worthy opponent.

It was then, at age 19, that Jessica discovered padel tennis through a group of friends. What began as a hobby quickly became an all-consuming obsession. She had found the perfect sport. Her long-lost spark of competitiveness had been found and recaptured, thanks to Padel. She began training seriously and set new padel goals at 19 with the guidance of coach Paco Miñano. In 2016, she made her debut on the Valencia circuit, and the following year, she achieved her biggest dream yet – earning a spot on the prestigious World Padel Tour.

She saw herself becoming a professional Padel player the moment she first touched a Padel racket.

Padel Culture

On Changing Partners

When it comes to Padel partnerships, Jessica believes in long-term projects. Couples need time to adapt. Time to adapt to each other’s game. Time to adapt to each other’s personality. She thinks this long-term approach is the only way to see your partner’s full potential. And it is only after a few months together that the best results are obtained. On the other hand, Castello believes that there must be a shared feeling on the court with your partner. If there is no understanding and appreciation of each other’s roles on the court, it will be difficult for the couple to work well together.

On Constant Traveling

Traveling is constant for professional Padel players like Jessica. They go from tournament to tournament, only stopping to train. The support of sponsors is essential in this case. Their support allows players to dedicate themselves professionally and exclusively to Padel. In fact, without sponsor help, it is practically impossible to focus solely on the sport. Many players who figure in the top 50 ranks have to work a second job to sustain their Padel career, and Jessica used to be one of them; she used to coach Padel to others.

Despite recent economic improvements in Padel, exorbitant income is still not obtained from tournaments alone. Key sponsorships fill this gap. Jessica herself scored an important partnership with Bullpadel in 2024.

On Padel Injuries 

Jessica has been kept off her game many times due to varying injuries. In 2022, she suffered an injury to her hamstring, which caused her to stop mid-tournament. She had to withdraw. She said that that was the first time she had to retire due to injury.

It was a very bitter feeling for her. Athletes work each day on their craft (game) and prepare to compete in the best possible ways. Not being able to do so is difficult for many. It forces time away from competition and prevents them from training at full capacity. This loss of activity can quickly diminish sharpness.

Her first match back after recovery was at the WPT Alicante. At first, it was complicated mentally. She feared if she forced herself, the pain might return. But the next day, that feeling disappeared. She felt like her usual self again on the court.

Experiencing an injury can be a harsh reminder of how injuries can inhibit an athlete’s mindset as much as their physical abilities.

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