Is Momo González’s Luck Turning Up?


This week in Padel1969, we are interested in athletes who make this sport unpredictable and worth putting all our attention toward. If you are a fan of Momo González or interested in learning more about his padel career, please follow along.

Who is Jerónimo González Luque

Jerónimo, better known as Momo González, is a professional Padel player. He was born in Antequera, Spain, in 1997. This Andalucian padel player is currently ranked ninth in the WPT rankings. It is common to see him in the finals of the WPT circuit. He has played a total of 412 games, of which he has won 253. This Padel player has amassed a win percentage of 61.41%. He has six consecutive wins under him, an impressive feat. All in all, Momo has won 7340 points.

Momo González has been known to play in the reverse (backhand) position. However, we will see him try to play in the drive position this coming tournament. Momo has expressed his eagerness and ability to be ambidextrous, as he has previously played on both sides (reverse and drive) depending on his partner. This player has shown great agility and fervor for the game.

In 2023, Momo became famous for a strike that punched through everyone’s attention; the WPT called it “the blow of the century, of all centuries.” Momo made a 360º turn on himself to make the ball bounce off two of the walls, which left his opponents and the public amazed. The blow qualified him and his partner for the semifinals of the Marbella Masters.

Outside of the world of Padel tennis and sports, Momo González has a double bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, and marketing.

Momo González’s Chart

Table 1

NameJerónimo González Luque
Birthdate21st February 1997
BirthplaceAntequera, Spain
Height5’10” (180cm)
Playing PositionReverse (backhand)
Active Years2014- present
PartnersJavier González Barahona (2017)
Marcello Jardim (2018)
Gabi Reca (2018)
Maty Marina (2019)
Tito Alemandi (2020)
Javi Rico (2020-2021)
Álex Ruiz (2022)
Miguel Yanguas (2023)
Sanyo Gutiérrez (2023)
Javier Garrido Gómez (2023)

 González is a highly aggressive player with impressive speed and a strong strike. These three qualities make him a formidable opponent.

Debut in padel

Momo González’s sports career started with tennis. He is a Padel convert. He played tennis from the ages of five to eleven. However, at eleven, he changed his goalpost drastically, from tennis to Padel tennis. So, at that age, he switched the rackets and eventually started playing Padel tennis seriously at ages 13 and 14.

A few years down the line and after many hard-won Andalusian and sub23 tournaments, things were looking up, as 2017 was a very good year for the young Spanish player. He finally made it into the WPT rankings. His name, in bold, is on the season’s final board.

Momo was a champion of Andalusia by provinces in 2014, a world champion, and a European champion with the Spanish team of Padel.

Partner switch-ups

Momo has been in the crossfire of partner switch-ups one too many times; the most memorable one for us at Padel1969 and the fans was his partnership with Álex Ruiz. The pair was adored by everyone; their dynamic was palpable. Momo and Álex have known each other since they were little. Furthermore, as a result of playing together, Momo made a bigger leap in his career and was able to play at an elevated level of physical and mental ability. Together, they formed a great tandem; they reached the quarterfinals and had duels with high-level pairs.

González explained that the decision to separate was Ruiz’s, and it was due to the fact that Ruiz wanted to play with another teammate, Juan Tello. At first, González did not understand the decision and felt blindsided, as he thought they worked well together and did not accept or receive the news very well, but he understood Ruiz’s decision. Their results on the courts were not very favorable for spots at the top of the ranking, so it was time to move on.

A Streak of Bad Luck

In 2023, Momo switched partners twice. It seemed like the player was not having any luck with stability and a routine that allowed him to settle and play one strong game. Momo has shared the court with Miguel Yanguas, with whom he won the Reus Open 500, as well as Sanyo Gutiérrez, with whom he learned a lot but achieved little.

When it came to Sanyo Gutierez, he was the one who suggested a separation. For Momo, playing with Sanyo was like Padel’s master’s degree. Sanyo admits in an interview that their bad luck was largely due to him and his inadequacy to manage the frustration he felt, which could not allow Momo to play as well as he could. Sanyo expressed his desire to find himself again. Especially at the mental level where he could not stand up to the challenges he faced with Momo, he admits that he would get frustrated easily, which stood in the way of progress for both him and Momo.

Will Changing Playing Sides Help?

Momo González said that in amateur games, or even just lower-tier tournaments, it may be about hitting the ball harder, but the mental aspect and strategy are what is decisive at a professional level. Sometimes the weakest ball is the most effective. Seeing the opponent’s weaknesses is also a great strategy to calculate your game as you are in the middle of the court.

Momo seems to be aware of his position. He is sitting at a very opportune crossroads where changing strategies and tactics may help him reach the number one spot. That is what we wait for and hope to see with his new court partner, Javier Garrido Gómez.

Momo González’s Advice to Beginner Padel Players

Momo advised amateur or even beginner players of Padel and players who are potentially interested in a professional career in this sport to not put too much pressure on themselves. To approach the game with a sense of enjoyment, treat it as a hobby, and give it their best.

If, in the future, you as a player decide to fully commit and strive for victory, that’s when you can push yourself harder. But, for now, savor the experience and remember that with consistent training, you can achieve great things. And if you’re looking for Padel gear fit for your level of expertise, be it beginner or professional, please head to our online store and check out our collection of rackets.

He also recommended embracing rigorous training because, in the end, it’s what helps progress. Even on days when you don’t feel like it, don’t hesitate to keep practicing because you’ll be grateful for it in the future. And if you feel like you need a little bit of motivation, you can check out our store for sturdy Padel balls, grippy rackets, and comfy attire.

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