Gemma Triay Pons, more than Just a Padel Player

Gemma Triay

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Who is Gemma Triay?

We are delighted to introduce Gemma Triay Pons, a distinguished Spanish professional padel player who currently holds the third position within the World Padel Tour rankings. Gemma’s remarkable journey in the world of padel tennis is highlighted by her impressive accumulation of 16,930 points, symbolizing her unwavering dedication and exceptional skill.

Over the course of her career, Gemma Triay Pons has participated in a total of 445 games, showcasing her determination and dedication to Padel. Among these, she has emerged victorious in 341 matches, a testament to her strategic acumen and competitive spirit. Additionally, Gemma managed to amass 23 consecutive victories.

With an outstanding win percentage of 76.6%, Gemma Triay Pons stands as a force in the world of padel tennis. Her exceptional achievements extend beyond statistics, as she earned the coveted title of the best player in the World Padel Tour in 2017. Furthermore, her prowess has secured her the top-ranking position in the WPT rankings in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Gemma’s accomplishments transcend national boundaries, as she has proudly represented Spain on the international stage. Her triumphs include being crowned European champion on one occasion and attaining the esteemed title of world champion four times with her team-mates in the Spanish padel tennis team. These remarkable achievements reflect Gemma Triay Pons’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of her sport and serving as an inspirational figure to aspiring athletes worldwide.

Gemma is also heavily involved in the advertising of Padel as a competitive sport that ranks with other established sports.

Gemma Triay’s chart

Table 1

NameGemma Triay Pons
Birthdate28th June 1992 (31 years old)
BirthplaceAlaior, Menorca, Spain
Height(173 cm)
SportPadel and Tennis
Playing positionBackhand (Reverse)
Active years2013- present
partnersLucía Sainz (2017-2021)
Alejandra Salazar (2021-2023)
Marta Ortega (2023- current)

Wasn’t Gemma Triay a Tennis Player?

Gemma’s sport used to be tennis; she started playing it at just 4 years old. She trained hard and long in tennis in order to reach heights never seen before; unfortunately for Gemma, she got injured right before being selected to play within the professional circuit. Feeling discouraged, Triay quit sports in general and tennis specifically in 2010, at 19 years old, and moved to Barcelona and enrolled in university to study languages. However, in Gemma’s words, it was just a matter of time. Missing the sense of competition and the taste of challenge, in 2013, at 21 years old, her competitive spirit led her to try padel tennis, reaching the international circuit in just 4 years.

How did Gemma Reach the N.1 Spot

Gemma won her first two professional titles in 2017 with Lucía Sainz. That same year, she was awarded the best player title in the WPT circuit. Many credit her quick success to her advantageous background as an ex-tennis player; however, her background also includes an injury, so her current success is pure hard work.

Triay didn’t just arrive at the number one ranking; it took labor, perseverance, and effort. It is difficult and requires a lot of sacrifice. Although it helps, not every tennis player makes the most of their skills on a padel court. Despite being completely distinct sports, they have a few similarities. It’s true she was practically an expert in tennis, and that establishes her as a veteran, but what demarcates her is her quick adaptability, which is not something they teach you at tennis camp.

During her first two years back to sports and the padel courts specifically, Gemma trained every day to play the perfect game on the padel courts and reduce her margin of error as best as she could. Her easy adaptability made it so that she could play tight games that she could enjoy even while not having the upper hand.

Gemma Triay Moved on from Ale Salazar

Gemma’s career as a padel player is unique in a sense. Unlike her peers, Gemma did not bounce a lot between padel partners. She played alongside Lucía Sainz for four consecutive years, during which the pair won many titles—12 to be precise. Their separation was mutual, as it was time to move on and try a new game. Her next partner was Alejandra Salazar, with whom she had a great time on the courts. The pair were unstoppable, both legendary and with strong characters; they were very quickly the top players in the WPT rankings; however, their partnership came to a short end after Ale’s injury.

Gemma seems to be a loyal padel partner; her current new partner is everyone’s favorite, Marta Ortega. This pair sounds very promising, we cannot wait to see where they take their game and to what extent they will go to get back up the WPT rankings.

Gemma’s career in padel is far from coming to an end, as some may think. Gemma is considered a pilar in the padel world, especially with her role as IPPA vice president (the union of professional padel players). Her dream of dressing padel with the five Olympic rings is essentially what will keep her in the folds of padel for a long time.

Tournaments Gemma Triay Won

Table 3

YearPadel PartnerTournament
2017Lucía SainzGranada Open
Zaragoza Open 
2018Cataluña Master
Zaragoza Open
Granada Open
Valladolid Open
2019Santander WOpen
2020Sardegna Open
Barcelona Master
Alicante Open 
Las Rozas Open 
Menorca Master Final
2021Alejandra SalazarAlicante Open
Valladolid Master
Málaga Open
Sardegna Open
Barcelona Master
Lugo Open
Menorca Open
Córdoba Open
2022Miami Open
Reus Open
Alicante Open
Brussels Open
French Padel Open 
Valladolid Master
Valencia Open
Adeslas Santander – Cantabria Open
Estrella Damm Menorca Open
Areco Malmö Padel Open
Telcel Huawei México Open
Estrella Damm Barcelona Master Final
2023La Rioja Open
BTG Pactual Chile Padel Open
Paraguay Padel Open
Marta OrtegaItaly Major

Gemma Triay has also competed and won in the 2016 World Championship with the Spanish Padel Team; she was also the World runner-up in pairs in 2016. She also participated in and won the 2017 European Championship with the Spanish Padel Team. She competed consecutively with the Spanish padel team in 2018, 2020, and 2021 and won all three world championships with her teammates.

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