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Juan Tello is one of our highly anticipated athletes at Padel1969. As an Argentinian athlete, his career seems to be very promising, and if, like us, you are interested in his progress over the years, read along with us.

Who is Juan Tello?

Juan Tello, also known as El Gato (the cat), is an Argentinian professional padel player. Tello is known for his aggressive games and quick reflexes; he currently occupies the ninth position in the WPT player rankings. Much of his padel career was spent alongside Fede Chingotto; the duo held fast and supported each other throughout their ascent to professional circuits. Juan has played a total of 364 games, and he has won 243 matches and lost 121. This amounts his winning percentage to 66.76%. Throughout his career on the professional circuit, he cumulated 6695 points and managed to triumph in 10 consecutive games.

Outside of Padel, Tello enjoys a full life. He is known to be a family man because as much as he is dedicated to Padel, he is equally dedicated to his family. For him, the most important thing is his family and the people that surround and support him. Ultimately, it is with his loving entourage that he will share the rest of his life. That is why whenever he is out of season or on break, he makes the most of the time he has with them. He tries to spend as much time as possible with his wife and son. He believes that we, as humans, like to be surrounded by our people.

Juan Tello’s Padel Chart

Juan Tello earned a spot among the most notable Padel players on the courts right now because of his raw talent and obvious dedication to the sport.

Table 1

NameJuan Tello
BirthdateFebruary 1st 1995
BirthplaceCordova, Argentina
Height6’1” (185 cm)
SportPadel Tennis
Playing positionBackhand (reverse)
Active Years2013- present
PartnersFede Chingotto (2015-2022) Paquito Navarro (2022) Alejandro Ruiz (2023-current)

Tello is celebrated for his swift reflexes as well as his ability to strike powerful blows with minimal, precise movements. He tends to use this skill to deliver strong strikes, which frequently catch his opponents off guard.

Juan Tello’s Debut in Padel

Tello’s passion for Padel tennis ignited at a young age. His interest led him directly to the lower tiers of Argentina’s padel courts. After excelling in the Sub18 categories in his home country, he embarked on a transformative journey alongside Fede Chingotto in the city of Córdoba. Together with Federico Chingotto, they climbed to the top spot in the Argentine circuit as a direct result of the intense training they had. Notably, he fondly reminisces about this achievement, considering it one of the most exhilarating moments of his career, in an interview. It’s worth noting that in his hometown, there weren’t many training partners available, so sometimes he would have friendly matches with his sister, who happens to be a tennis teacher.

He started shining as an athlete way back in 2013. He was able to show his full potential when Marcelo Saavedra chose him as his partner. Then came the European tour with the Brazilian Lucas Campagnolo, and it went even better. Finally, in 2015, he joined forces with Chingotto and moved together with him to Spain in hopes of becoming internationally recognized as a dynamic pair.

The Cat and the Mouse

The Tello-Chingotto pair of padel players, nicknamed “El Gato” (the cat) and “El Raton” (the mouse), stood out on the World Padel Tour courts back in 2016, when they were still young athletes, at 21 and 19 years old, respectively. They managed to successfully make it to the main draw of the Alicante Open and the Monte Carlo Open in 2016, leaving a great impression on Padel fans and professionals alike. They had caught the attention of everyone. Over the years, they became the WPT circuit’s young promises.

Keep in mind that even if these were their first appearances among the international players, back in Argentina, they were already ranked the number one players on the Argentinian circuit.

They continued to improve and gain exposure, reaching the semi-finals for the first time at the Valladolid Open and the Alicante Open in 2017. In 2019, they reached their first final in the Portuguese Master, followed by the finals of the Adeslas Open and the Valencia Open. Their progression was evident; November 2020 was an ecstatic month for the pair. They had finally won their first WPT tournament. They got their big break when they won the Las Rozas Open, due to the withdrawal of their final opponents, Paquito Navarro and Pablo Lima, owing to Lima’s injury.

However, after seven years of gritty games and playing each other’s games, becoming one of the most enjoyable and popular pairs on the circuit, EL Gato (Juan) and El Raton (Fede) decided to end their partnership in 2022 and separate to pursue new and different opportunities in their respective careers.

Tello and Paquito

This partnership came as a surprise to everyone, mainly because it saw Paquito change sides and try something new, adding to the fact that this was the first time Tello was playing with someone he was not used to. The pair had a lot to prove and a lot to learn from one another. Undoubtedly, it was hard and did not last very long; however, the pair did successfully win a tournament together, the 2022 Mexico Open.

Juan Tello now plays with Alejandro Ruiz. Tell us what you think about this new pair and how they will fare!

Thank you so much for embarking on this journey with us. Let us know what you think Juan Tello’s future holds!

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