Padel Statistics of 2024

World Padel Report 2024 in numbers

2024’s World Padel Report by the International Padel Federation’s Research & Data Analysis Department is the most important document to come out about Padel this year. The data collection was a joint effort of collaboration between 35 National Federations. Follow along for a summarized report.

Padel Numbers in Brief

In 2024, Padel is played in 130 countries and 12 dependent countries. Around 30 million people play padel, half of whom play frequently (1 time per week), and 40% of whom are female. The majority of players are European (59%).

There are 19,800 clubs and accommodation facilities and around 60,000 padel courts globally. With over 42,600 courts, Europe holds 70% of the total. This growth is particularly significant outside of Spain, where the number of courts has increased six times over the last three years.

South America has 14,850 courts, Asia has 3,200, Africa has 2,300, and Oceania has fewer than 100. About two-thirds of the globe has facilities with functional padel courts.

source: 2024’s World Padel Report by the International Padel Federation

When comparing the total number of padel courts to the number of amateur players, they found that the ratio worldwide is just over one court for every 400 players.

The FIP Organization

The FIP has made significant strides in organizing and promoting Padel globally. Most remarkably, in 2024, the creation of a unified FIP Ranking system provided a helpful standardized benchmark for players worldwide. Establishing the FIP Research & Data Analysis Department has been instrumental in producing the World Padel Report, as it offers valuable insights into the sport’s growth and development.

The report highlights the importance of the collective efforts of athletes, referees, coaches, and organizers in driving the sport’s growth. Especially national federations who played a crucial role in this process, contributing to the sport’s expansion and the quality of competitions.

In 2023, the FIP held tournaments in 30 countries, with 163 tournaments in total. These included 10 FIP Championships, 10 Premier Padel events, 108 Cupra FIP Tour tournaments, and 35 FIP Promises events. The tournaments were well-distributed, with 101 male and 62 female competitions.

Padel’s Global Growth and Competitions

The FIP is the global governing body of Padel. Its number one mission is the universal promotion and development of Padel for all levels and ages, for both able-bodied and disabled men and women.

This Padel organization owns and manages several sporting events, from continental competitions to international circuits such as the Cupra FIP Tour, Premier Padel, and FIP Promises

The Premier Padel circuit, governed by FIP and promoted by the Professional Padel Association (PPA), the International Padel Players Association (IPPA), and Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), debuted in 2022. Initially featuring only men’s tournaments, it expanded to include women in 2023. The circuit’s primary aim was to host high-level tournaments and monopolize international circuits. In 2024, Premier Padel leads the international circuit with 25 combined tournaments spanning the 5 continents, which will culminate in the Premier Padel Tour Finals in Barcelona on December 18–22.

The Cupra FIP Tour (FIP circuit) was established in 2019 to uplift Padel players from less privileged countries and offer them better opportunities to play in international tournaments. It has grown significantly by April 2024, with 355 tournaments across 36 nations from all continents. The tour’s categories have evolved to include Star, Rise, Promotion, Gold, and Platinum events, reflecting the increasing competitiveness and professionalism of the sport.

FIP Promises The FIP’s interests extend beyond global markets; they want to foster the growth and development of Padel for everyone worldwide. Consequently, they created the FIP Promises, a youth circuit, in 2021. It was addressed to the Under 14, Under 16, and 18 categories for both boys and girls.

To date, 39 tournaments have been successfully held, mostly in Europe. However, starting 2024, more than 30 percent of the tournaments will be held outside Europe.

Key Findings

  • The number of padel clubs and courts has increased exponentially, with Europe leading in both categories.
  • Padel’s popularity is rapidly growing, with nearly 30 million amateur players worldwide.
  • The sport is expanding geographically and establishing new facilities in various regions.
  • The FIP‘s efforts to unify the sport through standardized rankings and international competitions have been successful.
  • The introduction of Premier Padel and the expansion of the Cupra FIP Tour have elevated the sport’s profile and provided more opportunities for professional players.
  • Padel is in its path to become officially Olympic sport

This World Padel Report gives us hope for the future of Padel. With its increasing popularity, expanding infrastructure, and enhanced organization, padel is well-positioned to reach Olympic heights. As Padel continues to grow, our collective focus should be on ensuring sustainable development, reducing regional disparities, and enhancing the overall experience for players and fans.

You can download complete World Padel Report 2024 below.

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