APT Padel Tour – History, Present, and Future!


APT Padel Tour

Everyone knows APT was introduced to the world back in 2020. However, it might surprise you that the tour was first launched in 2015 as the “Fabrice Pastor Cup” circuit.

The idea was relaunched in 2022 with far more objectives than just promoting padel support worldwide. One of APT’s primary aims was to bring forth a paddle circuit that provides equal opportunities for young talents all around the world.

Soon APT became one of the most prestigious padel championships across the globe, winning the hearts of fans and exciting padel players with its tournaments.

In the following guide, we are going to cover more about APT, from its tournaments to prize money and more. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

More About APT Padel Tour

The journey behind APT is full of struggles, as the brand went through a series of waves before it could stand as successful as today. It started back in 2015 when the Monte Carlo International Sports presented the “Fabrice Pastor Cup” circuit.

It was first launched in Argentina and then spread through other parts of the world, including Chile, Portugal, France, Brazil, and Paraguay. The idea behind the Fabrice Pastor Cup was to support the launch of a new padel circuit, the International Padel Tour.

In truth, Monte Carlo International Sports had previously agreed to create this tour with a number of WPT players but had been stopped from doing so by their contracts with the WPT. Considering that all of this occurred when the World Padel Tour held a test in Monaco a few seasons earlier, the support for the circuit resulted in several conflicts with the Spanish circuit developed.

Even though the International Padel Tour was canceled, the APT Padel Tour was announced towards the end of 2020. A daring move, many would say, but it was one step towards establishing one of the finest padel circuits in the world.

However, the tour did not feature the top WPT players. Instead, lower-ranking players grabbed the opportunity, including Guillermo Lahoz, since they were able to choose prizes not available on the World Padel Tour.

As one of the goals specified by its sponsor is the internationalization of padel, the tournament started in 2020 with several nominations outside of Spain. No sooner had the European Padel Federation officially recognized it as its official circuit.

Yet, even after that, the first edition was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With increasing restrictions, the season was terminated in March 2020.

The tournament returned in 2021, this time with much strength and caliber, soon stealing the show with its exciting matches and superior players. Today, the tour circuit has earned more than 30,000 million fans worldwide with more than a million views.

A1 Padel Tour Logo

The APT logo is influential, displaying its intense competition with rich and bold colors. Its design can be classified into two distinct elements:

  • AP
  • Number 1

APT Tournaments

Season 2021

APT made a robust comeback in 2021 and has successfully held events since then. The full calendar for APT tournaments 2021 is as below:

LocationTournament TypeStart DateEnd Date
ChileOpenFebruary 15thFebruary 21st
ParaguayMasterMarch 15thMarch 21st
MonacoOpenApril 5thApril 11th
BelgiumOpenApril 12thApril 18th
ArgentinaOpenMay 3rdMay 9th
Las VegasMasterMay 10May 16
MexicoOpenMay 17thMay 23rd
MadridMasterJune 7thJune 13th
FinlandOpenJuly 12thJuly 18th
SwitzerlandOpenJuly 19thJuly 25th
RosarioGrand MasterAugust 2ndAugust 8th
PortugalMasterSeptember 13thSeptember 19th
SevillaOpenSeptember 20thSeptember 26th
SwedenGrand MasterOctober 11thOctober 17th
San DiegoOpenOctober 25thOctober 31st
TorreonOpenNovember 1stNovember 7th
MiamiOpenNovember 8thNovember 18th
MexicoMaster FinalDecember 8thDecember 12th

Season 2022

2022 was also a great year for APT and its calendar is as follows:

LocationTournament TypeStart DateEnd Date
AsuncionJuniorMarch 7thMarch 13th
AsuncionFutureMarch 7thMarch 13th
AsuncionOpenMarch 14thMarch 20th
Buenos AiresJuniorMarch 21stMarch 27th
Buenos AiresFutureMarch 21stMarch 27th
Buenos AiresMasterMarch 28thApril 3rd
MonacoJuniorApril 4rthApril 10th
MonacoFutureApril 4rthApril 10th
MonacoMasterApril 11thApril 17th
Cape TownMasterApril 18thApril 24th
SevillaJuniorMay 9thMay 15th
SevillaFutureMay 9thMay 15th
SevillaMasterMay 16thMay 22nd
OeirasJuniorMay 30thJune 5th
OeirasFutureMay 30thJune 5th
OeirasMasterJune 6thJune 12th
ViennaJuniorJune 13thJune 19th
ViennaFutureJune 13thJune 19th
ViennaGrand MasterJune 20thJune 26th

For the second half of the season of 2022, the APT Padel tour calendar is:

LocationTournament TypeStart DateEnd Date
PortugalFutureJuly 18thJuly 24th
PortugalOpenJuly 25thJuly 31st
SwedenOpenAugust 1stAugust 7th
ItalyFutureAugust 8thAugust 14th
ItalyOpenAugust 15thAugust 21st
CórdobaFutureSeptember 29thSeptember 4th
CórdobaOpenSeptember 5thSeptember 11th
RosarioFutureSeptember 12thSeptember 18th
RosarioGrand MasterSeptember 19thSeptember 25th
MadridFutureOctober 3rdOctober 11th
MadridGrand MasterOctober 12thOctober 18th
MexicoOpenNovember 7thNovember 13th
MexicoMaster FinalDecember 5thDecember 11th

APT Tournaments Prize Money

For the APT Padel tour 2022, the prize money is shared in the following way in three different categories.

Open category

 Per RoundPer Player
Champions18.000,00 €9.000,00 €
Runners-up11.000,00 €5.500,00 €
Semifinals14.000,00 €3.500,00 €
Quarter-finals17.000,00 €2.125,00 €
Round 217.200,00 €1.075,00 €
Round 110.800,00 €675,00 €
¼ Qualifying2.000,00 €250,00 €

Master category

 Per RoundPer Player
Champions21.000,00 €10.500,00 €
Runners-up12.500,00 €6.250,00 €
Semifinals15.500,00 €3.875,00 €
Quarter-finals19.000,00 €2.375,00 €
Round 220.000,00 €1.250,00 €
Round 119.200,00 €800,00 €
¼ Qualifying2.800,00 €700,00 €

Grand Master

 Per RoundPer Player
Champions23.000,00 €11.500,00 €
Runners-up14.200,00 €7.100,00 €
Semifinals18.000,00 € 4.500,00 €
Quarter-finals22.000,00 €2.750,00 €
Round 227.200,00 €1.700,00 €
Round 132.000,00 €1.000,00 €
¼ Qualifying3.600,00 €450,00 €

News About APT Padel Tour for 2023
– New name A1 Padel

For the APT Padel tour 2023, the new season will launch on January 5th in Punta del Este with no pre-season. Players will get the chance to train during the weeks between tournaments as APT tournaments will be held all year, from January to December 2023.

Compared to the World Padel Tour and Premier Padel, the APT Padel Tour will have a strong comeback this time. The competition will be fierce, and players will witness some of the world’s biggest, most competitive, and most robust tournaments.

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