Coki Nieto’s Steady Game for a Steady Climb

Jorge Nieto Ruiz

If you have been minimally interested in Padel, you would have heard of Coki Nieto.
This professional Padel Player is becoming a household name among the new generation of young players. If you want to know more about his journey as a professional athlete, read more below.

Who is Coki Nieto?

Jorge Nieto, better known as Coki is a Spanish professional Padel player. As of January 2024, he is ranked 16th by the WPT ranking statistics. Coki has played 353 games, of which he won 207 and lost 146, putting his win percentage at 58.64%. He has amassed 3735 points so far. In hopes of landing a spot at the master final, Cokie had given his all during the last season and was able to reach five 1/6th rounds, six 1/8th, six quarter-finals, two semifinals, and one final. He has a streak of six consecutively won games.

Coki Nieto was a SEK International Sports Academy student at Camilo José Cela University.

He was part of the revelation couple of the World Padel Tour (WPT) season 2019 with Javi Rico.

Coki Nieto was proclaimed the 2021 Padel World Champion in Doha (Qatar) with the Spanish team after beating the Argentina team in the final.

Coki Nieto’s Padel Chart

Table 1

NameJorge Nieto Ruiz, Cokie Nieto
BirthdateDecember 18th, 1998
BirthplaceMadrid, Spain
Height5’9” (175 cm)
Playing positionReverse (backhand)
Active Years2016- present
PartnersJavi Rico (2016-2020)
Juan Martín Díaz (2021)
Tito Allemandi (2021)
Miguel Yanguas (2022)
Martin Di Nenno (2022)
Pablo Lima (2023)
Javi Rico (2023)
Jon Sanz Zalba (2023- current)

Coki Nieto’s Debut in Padel

Coki played many sports when he was younger; he dabbled in tennis and football and started playing Padel later. He used to play at a club near his house, the same club his father frequented. The latter used to play tournaments, which inspired young Coki’s love for the sport; he used to get on the Padel court as soon as he could spare five minutes and play against the glass. Eventually, his parents enrolled him in Padel classes at 13 years old.

How Scholarships Make Athletes

A few years later, in 2013, Coki won a scholarship from the Estrella Damm Foundation to play Padel. This opportunity allowed him to combine studies with training and competitions with the best minor players in Spain. That is when Coki decided to focus on a career as a professional athlete in Padel.

After getting the Damm Foundation’s scholarship, Coki was able to sustain himself and the expenses of the sport which in turn allowed him to become a Spanish under-16 and under-18 champion in 2014 and 2016 respectively. Additionally, he became a permanent fixture in the final rounds of the tournaments from 2018 onwards. With his four-year partner Javi Rico, they were the youngest duo to play a World Padel Tour finale.

And in 2018, he signed his first professional contract with a sports brand.

Coki Nieto’s Legendary List of Padel Partners

Coki Nieto has been lucky to be spotted at a young age. He was fortunate enough to have the talent that matched everyone’s expectations. He worked relentlessly on perfecting his tactics and techniques while studying and playing with the Damm Foundation. That garnered him attention once he hit the professional circuit.


He played for many years alongside his companion, Javi Rico. This partnership taught him the importance of consistency as he learned how to build a game with someone else throughout a few tournaments. Then came Juan Martin, the first household name who called upon Coki; it was the player from whom he was able to learn what a few years in the 10×20 court could teach you. Allemandi and Di Nenno helped Coki strengthen his mental abilities and forge a strong character on the court. As for Yanguas, it was a pleasure to play beside him. He was able to push Coki just as much as Coki pushed him.

Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto Continue the 2024 Season Together

With Jon Sanz, things went great right away. The pure madness of Sanz and the calm of Nieto fit perfectly on the Padel court, making a lovable pair. Now and then, Coki likes the jolt Sanz gives him while he keeps it calm and serene. We cannot wait to see where this 2024 season might take them.

Coki Nieto was Pablo Lima’s Last Padel Partner

When Pablo Lima called for him, Coki accepted without hesitating. Pablo Lima had been his hero, his holy grail. Unfortunately, Coki was not able to spend much time on the court with him, as the project was short-term, and Lima ended up retiring soon after. However, Coki appreciated the time spent under Lima’s wing, watching him play a whole season while injured; meanwhile, his play level never faltered. Coki admits to it being a season he will never forget. He never wanted to be Lima’s partner during his farewell year. The pressure was immense, but Coki thinks the ordeal was worth it.

Do You Have to be Tall to be Good at Padel?

The short answer is No. Padel is gaining popularity, attracting a broader range of athletes as it comes into the spotlight. Padel games are developing; they are becoming much more physical than technical, and many new players are tall and serve and punch rather than defend. However, Padel’s best quality is that it’s a team game; therefore, there is more than one position to play. In this context, players like Coki Nieto, often deemed shorter, prove valuable for their speed, ability to execute low shots and aggressive style of play.

Coki Nieto’s Achievements

Spanish U16 Champion in 2014.

Spanish U16 Master Junior Champion in 2014.

N°1 Ranking FEP sub16 and FMP sub16 in 2014.

Spanish U18 runner-up in 2015.

Spain U18 Master Minor Champion in 2015.

World Champion in 2015 with the Spanish National Team in Mexico.

Spanish U18 Champion in 2016.

Spanish U18 Master Minor Champion in 2016.

Draw of the WPT Sevilla Open and Buenos Aires Master in 2017.

The San Javier Challenger with Javi Rico in 2019.

Coki Nieto’s Pro-Tip for Padel Players

Coki Nieto shared a crucial tip for beginners: to focus on building confidence. In his view, success in Padel matches is cyclical – as you amass wins, your belief in your skills grows. Accumulating victories not only boosts confidence but also instills the belief that you can outplay even more skilled opponents. It’s a strategic approach for leveling up your game and cultivating a winning mindset.

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