What is a Premier Padel? Sounds like a racket brand, but it’s a tournament.

Premier Padel

Premier padel is the new international padel tournament, an important global competition in the padel world. It is governed by the International Padel Federation (FIP) and supported by the Professional Padel Association (PPA) and Qatar Sports Investments (QSI).

Launched in early 2022 with the aim to promote padel sport, the brand has received much hype throughout the globe. So, let’s learn in the following article everything you need to know about Premier Padel, from the significance of its logo to detailed information about its tournaments and more!

Premier Padel Logo

The Premier Padel’s logo is brilliantly designed with two distinct elements: its padel star and the PREMIER PADEL. Both are unique symbols representing the grand future of padel sport and calling every padel freak across the globe.

Premier Padel logo
Premier Padel logo

Padel Star

One look at the logo, and you can tell the brand took the symbolism to another level, highlighting all the elements comprising the padel community worldwide. The padel tennis star is enriched with symbols, stirring powerful emotions full of excitement.

The small padel tennis star perfectly linking the five padel rackets represents the five significant continents where the padel tour will be held. This way, the brand has combined the world in one place, all unified by the power of padel!

The next exciting feature is the mini golden star at the heart of the bigger padel star, an excellent way to reflect the bright future of padel sport. The golden color also indicates the thrilling padel competition — an event worth witnessing!

In a nutshell, such a professional design is the emblem of the top level of competitions and exceptional standards viewers can expect in the tournaments.


The name “PREMIER PADEL” is both capitalized and italicized, a powerful representation of what to expect. It highlights the bold and daring identity of the new Padel tour, emphasizing PADEL.

The “P” of the PADEL is also designed with an embedded padel racket shape inside, indicating the power of a single letter and portraying its unique and standalone style.

Premier Padel Tournaments

The Premier Padel tournaments are classified into three categories:

  • The four Majors
  • P1 tournaments
  • P2 tournaments

After passing all the rounds, the couples will reach the season finale and compete in the Finals.

The first four major tournaments were held in Qatar, Italy, France, and Mexico. The world saw the best padel players take the show in these countries on the following dates:

  • Qatar: tournament held in Doha from March 28th to April 2nd
  • Italy: tournament held in Foro Italico in Rome from May 21st to May 29th
  • France: tournament held in Roland Garros in Paris from July 11th to July 17th
  • Mexico: tournament held in Monterrey from November 28th to December 4rth

Other lower-category tournaments were also premiered in the FIP tour, as mentioned below:

  • FIP Gold
  • FIP Star
  • FIP Rise
  • FIP Promotion

The FIP Finals are at the end of the season, celebrating the champions. The most important of these is the FIP Gold. It is rated the second-highest-ranked tournament on the FIP tour, the first being the FIP Platinum.

Premier Padel Calender 2022

The following is the calendar for Premier Padel 2022:

TournamentCountryCityStart DateEnd Date
Ooredoo Qatar MajorQatarDohaMarch 28April 2
Italy Premier Padel MajorItalyRomeMay 21May 29
Paris Premier Paddle MajorFranceParisJuly 11July 17
Madrid Premier Padel P1SpainMadridAugust 1August 6  
Argentina Premier Padel P1ArgentinaMendoza    August 8August 14
NewGiza Premier Padel P1EgyptGizaOctober 24October 30
Mexico Premier Padel MajorMexicoMonterey    November 28December 4

Premier Padel Prize Money

Every competition, including the Majors of the Premier Padel Tour and FIP Promotion events, earns points toward the FIP global rankings. As in tennis, the world rankings are determined by the points each player earned on the circuit over the previous 12-month period, and they are presently held by the Spaniards Ale Galan and Juan Lebron.

The first Padel Player tournaments were held in four major countries: Qatar, Italy, France, and Mexico. The prize money for every round is listed below:

  • Last qualifying round: 820 € each player
  • First Round Main Draw: 2,900 € each player
  • Eighths: 5,250 € each player
  • Quarters: 8,500 € each player
  • Semi-final: 13,100 € each player
  • Final: 23,600 € each player
  • Champions: 47,300 € each player

Also, look at the following huge numbers:

  • The prize money for four Majors by tournament: 525,000 €
  • The prize money for P1 tournaments: 525,000 €
  • The prize money for P2 tournaments: 525,000 €
  • The prize money for the End of season Masters: 280,000 €

The First Premier Padel Winners

The first premier padel competition was held in Doha, from March 28 to April 2 — the same time as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 draw.

As for the teams reaching the finals, there were two. Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán won the Swedish Padel Open 2022 against Martín Di Nenno and Paquito Navarro in three sets.

The couples were competing against one another in a circuit final for the third time, while Di Nenno and Navarro had won the first Major in Qatar, and the top pairs had won the Rome Major.

Furthermore, Navarro and Di Nenno had a better start to the game as they pushed the goal early on. They were able to win the first set 7/5, thoroughly disciplined and not letting their rivals take control.

The first team responded quickly throughout the match, and at the beginning of the second part, they earned two straight breaks to win the set 6/2 and tie the game at 1.

However, after surviving a two-and-a-half-hour game against powerful competitors, Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron finally won in the tournament’s final set.

The Future of Premier Padel

With a rapidly growing rate, Premier Padel will hold its debut competition in Egypt by visiting NEWGIZA for a P1 competition. The event will be a turning point in the development of padel sport as it will be the first Premier Padel championship to be contested in Africa.

Khaled El-Shawarby, the CEO of the NEWGIZA Sports Club, will team up with CA Sports Marketing and the Egyptian Padel Federation to host the NEWGIZA Premier Padel P1 from October 24th to October 30th, 2022.

The International Padel Federation (FIP), the Professional Padel Association (PPA), and Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) also support Premier Padel as the official world padel tour.

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