The Padel Market Outlook Europe

The Padel Market Outlook

Today there are more than 25 million active Padel players in 51 National federations and 300.000 federated players around the world. Padel is played in approximately 100 countries and number of the countries is increasing rapidly. Padel is without a doubt the boom sport of the post-covid19.

Multiple publicly known people are hooked to Padel from Presidents and Royals to sporting superstars like David Beckham. An increasing number of private and professional investors are financially backing the growth of Padel. There is no doubt about the growth of Padel from niche racket sports to a huge sports vertical within the next 10-years.

I’m absolutely sure that once Padel Tennis reaches a new country, it’s there to stay. In the next five years time Padel will be ten times bigger.”

Spain is today and continues as the largest Padel market in Europe

As of we are writing, there are more than 6 million people in Spain playing Padel on a regular basis. This is mainly due to the deep root of Padel in Spain since the early 1970s. The growth in Spain seems to continue as Padel is becoming more and more popular internationally. Padel is after football the second most practiced sport in the country.

People in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark people love Padel as they love 90s techno music

In Sweden Padel has grown already since 2015 when the sport became more recognized as former Tennis professionals established the first venues dedicated to Padel. There are multiple successful Padel companies in Sweden. Some of them have largely consolidated the business in their home markets and started to expand in new markets like Germany, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia. In Sweden, some of the smaller have also suffered from tightening competition and an increasing number of high-quality Padel clubs.

Currently, many of the Swedish Padel club chains are expecting more growth outside of their home country. The natural choice has been to do market research and acquisitions in the rest of the Nordics. At the same time, it can be one way to lose their edge in growth in larger markets like France, Italy, Germany, or United Kingdom. At the same time, multiple Swedish ventures have entered to Padel equipment business by mainly focusing on rackets, balls or clothing. Market supply and demand are driving the market growth and over 500.000 Sweds have played Padel at least once.

Finland has followed Swedish market growth very closely and is not far behind with a hegemony of Padel. Padel United and LeDap Group have also acquired the majority of the market share by paying high multiples of the main Padel companies in the Finnish market. In Finland, 50% of the population has heard about Padel as its popularity is very much driven by word of mouth.

Denmark the country of Vikings has accelerated its growth in Padel in a short time. In Denmark, the current market has clearly more demand of Padel courts than supply. Especially this lack of capacity in Padel clubs can be seen in Copenhagen which is the capital of Denmark.

Norway is still developing the market in Padel among its Nordic peers. The cost of land is delaying the growth of the market while the future trend looks strongly positive. In Norway also over 50% of the population have heard about Padel and an increasing number have played once or more.

The United Kingdom is recognized as a huge market opportunity in Padel

Tennis is dominating racket sport in the UK while Padel getting more and more interest as it’s growing all over the world and getting more international attention. One of the biggest improvements in 2022 has been international television coverage by SKY Sports and other broadcasting companies to distribute Premier Padel competitions in multiple countries around the world.

In the UK market well know Tennis people like Sir Andy Murray has invested in Padel. This development is a great example also to other markets that there is room for both Tennis and Padel or if want you can call it Padel-Tennis. It has been seen in multiple markets that National Tennis Federations have controlled Padel. In practice, this has slowed down the natural growth of Padel.

In the United Kingdom, the growth outlook for the next 10 years looks very bright. The market has its size and still the majority of people in the UK have never heard about Padel.

France is about to get started with the growth of Padel

It normally helps in building awareness when the president of country is seen playing some sports. Emmanuel Macron has been seen to play Padel and seems to love it. Local Tennis Federation in France has also become more supportive for Padel. In France it has been well understood that Padel has a larger potential for the big audience as the Padel’s nature of easy to learn and social fun.

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  1. Padel is seems to be in huge growth in Europe. United Kingdom and France must be big Padel countries in the future, because a lot of Tennis players. Thank you for a good overview for European Padel markets.

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