Young Padel Sensation: Arturo Coello, WPT’s Number One Player

Arturo Coello

Similar to how Padel enthusiasts were captivated by Arturo Coello and decided to follow his career, we at PADEL1969 were as well. We share this exposé on his career in Padel Tennis to dive into Arturo’s fascinating rise to prominence and understand his outstanding capacity for quick adaptability.

Who is Arturo Coello?

El Rey Arturo (King Arthur), or Arturito, as his fans call him, is a Spanish professional padel player.

He presently occupies the first position on the World Padel Tour rankings. Along with his court partner, Agustin Tapia, they make up the number-one Padel team worldwide.

Coello currently holds first place in the WPT rankings with 18355 points. He has played 273 games, of which he won 188, giving him a winning percentage of 69.12%. Coello has successfully amassed 32 consecutive wins.

Arturo Coello’s Chart

Table 1

NameArturo Coello Manso
Birth DateMarch 8th 2002
BirthplaceMojados, Valladolid, Spain
Height6’3” (190 cm)
Playing PositionDrive
Active years2017- 2023 (present)
PartnersAlberto Rea (2017)
Pincho Fernández, Fran Ramírez Navas, and Guga Vázquez (2019)
Iván Ramírez del Campo (2020)
Miguel Lamperti, Javi Ruiz, and Alejandro Arroyo (2021)
Fernando Belasteguín (end of 2021-2022)
Agustín Tapia (2023 present time)
Arturo Coello in brief

Coello is a strong player who makes the most of his height (190 cm) to produce super-effective blows, especially at the smash. He is highly aggressive, and it is evident that his height lends itself to a game more focused on offense than defense. However, he does not perceive himself as the most offensive player in the Padel circuit.
This does not imply that this Spanish padel player is less adept at playing defense. Although attacking is undoubtedly his main strength, he is becoming holistically capable of both.

Coello’s Beginnings in Padel

Arturo first tried his hand at Padel Tennis at the young age of seven, when he was still trying out a few other sports, including football and tennis. His initial interest in the sport reflected his parents’ hobby. Eventually, at 10 years old, he chose padel as his sport, he took it up for pure enjoyment. He credits his choice of the sport to his dexterous hands and his fond memories of the sport at the Mojados court with his parents.

Nevertheless, Arturo Coello stood out in the junior categories, showing great ability to become a professional athlete. As a junior padel player, he was able to perform various vigorous feats that made him worthy of notice.

Arturo was fortunate enough to always have a Padel partner, regardless of the politics of the Padel courts. His brother, Rodrygo, was also infatuated with the sport and engaged with it just as regularly. For longtime enthusiasts of padel, we suggest you keep an eye out for his little brother, Rodrygo Coello, another possible padel prodigy. And why not a Coello/Coello pairing in a few years?

Arturo Coello first appeared in the world of professional Padel alongside Alberto Rea. He only took his career seriously and dedicated himself wholly to the sport at age 16.

Youthful Success in Padel

Coello’s climb to success may seem fast and unpredictable. Nevertheless, he did not break his current partner’s record of being the youngest number-one WPT player by chance but through hard and dedicated work. His statistics and charts have always been exceptional ever since he was a junior player. Coello attributes his consistent daily efforts and unwavering perseverance to the influence of his idol, Rafa Nadal.

As Padel’s popularity grew, it provided Arturo Coello with more exposure and opportunities to showcase his talent, leading to the recognition and attention of notable Padel Legends, such as Belasteguín, Lamperti, and Ruiz.

Coello’s Legendary Padel Partnerships

Padel partnerships and pairings, for Arturo Coello, are like a love relationship. He explains his collection of partners as a result of Pre-Previews and Previews that make it more challenging to stick with a partner because not everyone can afford to complete the entire circuit, as well as as a result of adaptability to someone else’s game, or lack thereof. According to Coello, these scenarios arise when the results are less than ideal.

Belasteguín, the best player in history, saw and chose to wager on a young Coello, who was beginning to make an impression on the main circuits. They won their first World Padel Tour competition in Miami as a team, giving them the finest possible start. Alongside Bela, Arturo won the very first World Padel Tour tournament of his professional career, beating Agustin Tapia’s record and becoming the youngest player in history to do so.

His partnership with Agustin Tapia is unexpected, to say the least; before joining forces, the pair did not have more than five conversations to account for their interactions. Tapia also had, in some measure, the reputation of a loner; however, the two ended up being the perfect pair. Nowadays, they train every day together and spend time on and off the padel courts together. The pair are the strongest athletes nowadays, with prospects to last for years to come. They are humble and do not stress about eventual failures professionally or as a pair. The two are currently the number one padel pair in the world after defeating Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán at the Vigo Open.

Tournaments won by Arturo Coello

Table 2

YearPadel PartnerTournament
2021Miguel LampartiWPT Adeslas Madrid Open, the FIP Gold Stockholm
2022Fernando BelasteguinMiami Padel Open
Estrella Damm Community of Madrid Master
Amsterdam Open
Monterrey Premiere  
2023Agustin TapiaModon Abu Dhabi Master
La Rioja Open
BTG Pactual Chile Padel Open
Paraguay Padel Open
Victoria Beers Granada Open
Circus Brussels Padel Open
Vigo Open  
Vienna Open  
Marbella Master  
Roma Premiere  
Arturo Coello has won lots of tournaments

Arturo Coello was selected for the Spanish team in November 2021 in preparation for the 2021 Padel World Championship, which Spain won. Coello had the opportunity to compete in the final match, winning it alongside Alejandro Galán.

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