Paula Josemaría, 2023’s number one Padel Player

Paula Josemaría

As faithful followers of Padel’s up-and-coming athletes, over here at PADEL1969, we are also admirers of the best this sport has to offer. Paula Josemaría Martín is one of the finest professional athletes this sport has yet to see. Please follow along if you want to know more about Padel’s highest-ranking player of 2023.

Is Padel Tennis a sport for women?

Padel Tennis is an all-inclusive sport; all genders and ages are welcome to play.

As of July 2023, the World Padel Tournament’s Charts are dominated by not one but two women who are leading the ranks. Paula Josemaría and Ariana Sánchez share the number one spot.

Who is WPT’s 2023 number-one player?

Paula Josemaría Martín is a Spanish professional Padel Tennis player; she’s currently ranked number one by the WPT ranking standards. She holds a record of 20200 points, a number she shares with her padel court partner, Ariana Sánchez. Paula has played a total of 326 games, of which she won 236, rounding up her winning percentage to 72.4%. This Padel player has a winning streak of 20 consecutive victories.

Paula and Ariana were the second-top pair in the Padel courts in 2021. This year saw Paula climb to the number one spot because of her determination, which has earned her an annual winning percentage of 90% thus far in 2023.

Paula Josemaría’s Chart

Table 1

NamePaula Josemaría Martín
Birthdate31st October 1996
BirthplaceMoraleja, Spain
Height5’3” (160 cm)
SportPadel Tennis
Playing positionDrive
Active Years2014 – 2023 (present)
PartnersEsther Lasheras (2016)
Valeria Pavón (2018)
Ana Catarina Nogueira (2019)
Marta Marrero and Bea González (2020)
Ariana Sánchez (2021 – present)
Paula Josemaria’s player profile in brief

Dinamita (Dynamite), as her nickname suggests, is very calculated and aggressive. Find out below why Paula’s hits always surprised her opponents and gave her the upper hand.

Paula Josemaría’s Debut in Padel Tennis

Paula began playing sports when she was very young; however, she did not play Padel tennis. Josemaría debuted on the tennis courts and even won the Extremadura title.

Ultimately, Paula tried her hand at Padel Tennis. Supposedly, she played Padel for the first time using her father’s racket at a friend’s house, and although she lost, she went home feeling inspired to continue playing in regional Padel championships.

She eventually began playing Padel at the age of 17, and surprisingly, she won her community’s champion title, using her father’s racket, not long after her debut.

She started playing on the official circuit in 2014, balancing her love for the sport with her biochemistry studies.

Paula’s Golden Strike

It was not until 2019 that Paula won her first tournament with her Portuguese partner, Ana Catarina Nogueira, at the Madrid Masters.

Paula’s skills on the court are the talk of all Padel fans. Her incredible strength, which helps her strike the ball in her distinctively offensive way, is what made her the talk of the padel courts. She was the Breakout Player of the WPT’s Padel tournaments that same year.

What eventually guaranteed her winning most of her games is that she is a left-handed player who plays on the right, which allowed her to enjoy surprising people with her game and providing extremely effective offensive alternatives while covering points her opponents were completely unaware that their partner may abandon. Her favorite shots are the volley and the smash.

Paula’s game depended on the equipment she chose as well. Playing with her father’s racket may have helped her stand out at first, but what made her keep the attention of the crowd was a combination of talent and hard work, both of which, when paired with the right racket, pushed her to the top of the charts. Take a look at our special collection of rackets; they were designed by professionals for professionals and beginner players.

Paula Josemaría’s Court Partners

Paula Josemaría has achieved excellence in paddle tennis since she began competing in the lower divisions. In 2019, she made her World Padel Tour debut alongside Ana Catarina Nogueira, “La Portu”, by winning her first WPT title. That same year, she was awarded “Revelation Player of the Season.” However, in 2020, she shared the court with Marta Marrero, one of the most experienced women players today. Their partnership was short-lived due to conflicting COVID schedules, but they won the Marbella Master 2020. In 2021, she joined forces with Ariana Sánchez, despite being hindered by the coronavirus epidemic. Paula Josemaría now has a resume that includes 23 championships won.

Paula’s Success with Ariana Sánchez

Their partnership was the ultimate step for both, as they ended up clicking quite well on and off the court. Winning titles is all Paula has ever wanted, ever since she was a little girl with only a dream. And that is exactly what she achieved when partnering with Ariana Sánchez.

Paula’s electric game, her changes of pace, and her offensive game could have been dooming qualities at the beginning of her career, however, as time went on and she gained experience, this padel player became one of the most sought-after players on the padel courts. Pairing up with Ariana Sánchez has allowed her to undergo a great evolution, as she and Ariana formed a perfect union. Therefore, Paula could concentrate on improving her defense and finally becoming one of the most accomplished players with the tightest games.

Paula Josemaría’s WPT Titles

Table 2

2023València OpenAriana Sánchez
French Padel Open
Beers Victoria Marbella Master
Boss Vienna Padel Open
Estrella Damm Vigo Open
Circus Brussels Padel Open
Victoria Beers Granada Open
Tau Ceramic Reus Costa Daurada Open 500
Modon Abu Dhabi Master
2022Estrella Damm Community of Madrid Master
Swedish Padel Open
Cascais Open
Beers Victoria Malaga Open
Austria Open
Marbella Master
Vigo Open
2021Master Final
Swedish Open
Cascais Master Las Rozas Open
Marbella Master
Madrid Open
2020Marbella MasterMarta Marrero
2019  Madrid MasterAna Catarina
Paula Josemaría’s track record in professional Padel tournaments

She was summoned by the Spanish International Team of Padel and competed in both the 2022 and the 2021 World Championships.

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