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Our latest star athlete is Tamara Icardo. This Padel player has been one to follow.

If you want to know more about Tamara, read along with us as we will explain what Icardo’s start was like within Padel Tennis and how she progressed throughout the years.

Who is Tamara Icardo?

Tamara Icardo is a Spanish professional padel player. Currently, she occupies the ninth position in the Padel players ranking, according to the 2023 WPT statistics. This padel player’s sportsmanship made her become a reference in women’s padel. Over the entire length of her professional career in Padel, she has played a total of 295 games, of which she won 169 matches and lost 126. She amassed 7567 points and successfully won 8 matches consecutively. Her winning percentage is calculated to be 57.29%.

Tamara is a fantastic athlete who has not always been on top of the WPT charts, despite her amazing abilities, it was not until 2021 that she made her debut in the top 10 rankings of the WPT. She was the first Valencian to win a World Padel Tour tournament. Additionally, she was awarded the MVP title at the first tournament she won, the 2021 Santander Open. That same year, she won the European gold medal for Spain.

Before playing in the professional circuits, Icardo was the number one Padel player in her community and won the Champion of the Valencian Community title for breaking records never seen in the Valencian Padel community. Indeed, she was a young promise for Valencia.

Outside of Padel, she went to the University of València for a degree in teaching at the Faculty of Teacher Training.

Tamara Icardo’s Chart

Tamara is witnessed to be self-confident, determined, and most importantly feisty on the padel courts. She is known for her aggressive playing style and her powerful shots.

Table 1

NameTamara Icardo Alcorisa
BirthdateOctober 10th 1995
BirthplaceValencia, Spain
Height5’8” (178 cm)
Playing PositionReverse (Backhand)
Active Years3013-present
PartnersLorena Figueres (2013- 2015)
Ariana Sánchez (2016)
Lucía Martínez (2017)
Marta Talaván Ruiz (2018)
Sandra Hernández (2019-2020)
Delfi Brea (2021-2022)
María Virginia Riera (2023- current)

Tamara Icardo’s Debut in Padel

Like many of her contemporaries, Icardo’s athletic career began by playing Tennis, as early as six years old. Her interest in Padel Tennis sparked thanks to her family’s involvement with the sport. Everyone played Padel, and thus she was pulled into it. If it were up to young Tamara’s father, she would have played more than one sport; however, her mother was adamant about her sticking to one sport, which was a blessing as it helped her focus all of her energy on one sport and learn all the quirks and specifics of Padel. Her journey began when her brother Sergio, who is six years older than Tamara and is a professional Padel player, gave her lessons and hooked her forever to Padel.

Is Tamara Icardo a Teacher?

Tamara has always been a perceptive and precautious player, qualities that are also reflected in her personal life. As we established before, Icardo has a degree in Teaching, she studied for her master’s and played padel in the same place, the University of Valencia, with the same determination. She wanted to graduate because it was a big deal for her to have a degree, as teaching is one of her passions. Nowadays, she fully dedicates herself to playing padel tennis. However, she still carries passion for teaching, and she hopes she may, one day, be able to go back to it once she achieves all that she set her mind on in Padel.

When Tragedy Strikes: Tamara Icardo’s Hand Injury

Back in 2021, Tamara Icardo suffered a hand injury during the Malmo Padel Open that forced her to take an extended break in which she had to have surgery and take time to heal post-operation.  She underwent surgery on her playing hand, specifically her right wrist, hindering her participation on the court for several months.

Going from admiring the best, Carolina Navarro, to being admired by hundreds of young Padel players, Tamara disappeared from the courts with a sour taste in her mouth because this injury prevented her from competing in the last tournaments of 2021 and the first of 2022. Her time away from the courts during the peak of her career thus far was very unfortunate for Icardo. However, the impression she left kept everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for her comeback, waiting to see more from her, waiting to see her flourish among the TOP10 in the WPT rankings.

Shortly after her comeback, Tamara Icardo discovered that her time away from her partner harmed their partnership in ways she could not repair. Her on-court relationship with Delfi was struggling, they could not find their footing and were not seeing eye to eye, and their track record was not as good as they hoped it would be. Eventually, a decision had to be made, and the couple separated on equal grounds. Though the reasons seem to be due to differing points of view, the pair agreed that they had to explore other avenues of opportunity.

Icardo’s current partner is the amazing Virginia Riera. We cannot wait to see where this partnership will take Tamara. Let us know your predictions!

WPT Tournaments Tamara Icardo has won

Estrella Damm Santander Open 2021
Valladolid Master 2021
Estrella Damm Valencia Open 2021
Beers Victoria Malaga Open 2021
Lugo Open 2021
Arena Malmö Open 2021

Tamara’s athleticism and love for sports do not end at Padel. She mentioned in a couple of interviews her enthusiasm for football. Indeed, she is very passionate about it and is a superfan of Valencia’s football team, she dabbles in the sport and likes to play from time to time.

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