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Jon Sanz Zalba

Today’s Padel Star is none other than Jon Sanz, the Spanish Navarrese player taking the WPT courts by storm. We are honored to present a brief article about his Padel career at PADEL1969.

If you are just as curious as us about this phenomenal athlete, then please follow along and read with us.

Who is Jon Sanz?

Jon Sanz is a Spanish professional Padel player. As of November 2023, Sanz is ranked 11 in the WPT official rank list. He has amassed a remarkable 5555 points during his performance in the professional WPT circuit. He has played a total of 298 games, of which he won 183, and lost just about 115 matches, bringing his winning percentage up to 61.41%. He was successful in maintaining a streak of seven consecutive victories.

Jon Sanz is known for his fast delivery and hyperactivity. He has been nicknamed Speedy Gonzalez and sometimes jokingly DJ JON. Jon Sanz is left-handed, but he plays in the drive position. His playing position allows him to have a wide range as his quick feet help him to move from one place to another, his opponents being none the wiser.

As a young player, he finished runner-up in the Junior category of the Spanish Championship for Minors in Couples, in 2018 with Ignacio Vilariño. This win secured his position as part of the elite of Spanish Padel in the under-18 category.

In 2022, he won the Getafe Challenger beside Miguel Lamperti, and later on, the Torrent Challenger with Coki Nieto

Jon Sanz’s Padel Chart

Table 1

NameJon Sanz Zalba
BirthdateSeptember 25th 2000
BirthplacePamplona, Spain
Height5’9” (175 cm)
Playing PositionDrive
Active Years– Present
PartnersIgnacio Vilariño (2018-2019)
Antonio Luque (2020)
Aris Patiniotis and Agustin Gomez Silingo (2021)
Miguel Lamperti, Javi Leal, and Lucas Campagnolo (2022)
Ale Galan (2023)
Jorge Nieto Ruiz (2023- current)

Jon Sanz’s Debut in Padel

Jon Sanz began his journey in Padel Tennis at nine years old, at the AMAYA Kirol Hiria Sports City, in Pamplona, Navarra. His interest in Padel is credited to his parents. Like many nine-year-old Spanish kids, Jon was interested only in football. However, seeing his parents play Padel inspired him to take a chance at the game. He was curious about the sport, so he made some place for padel beside his love for football. Only then did he realize that his true passion lay with Padel.

His number one reference had always been his parents. His number one goal after taking Padel seriously was to compete with his father and beat him at a proper Padel game on a regular court. He began competing at ten years old in Spanish and World Championships for Minors; 2018 was his last year in the Minor Leagues. He finished as a runner-up in Spain for Minors in 2012 and 2018.

Jon Sanz in Professional Circuits

When Sanz started playing Padel Tennis seriously, after beating his father at a proper game, his next goal was to play in professional circuits. Being an ambitious player has helped Sanz focus his training and intentions on his dreams. Once in, Sanz did not realize what he was getting himself into. But he did not falter, and his achievements stretched and became bigger. Now that he is a player in the WPT, Sanz sees it the same way he saw playing at the Navarra Padel Foundation in Spain. He shall excel at it the same. And he must because that is where the best players in the world are.

The next goal on his list is to enter the Master Final among the eight best couples in the world.

Does Choosing a Better Partner Help Climb the WPT Ranks?

Yes. As in any industry and field, one must surround themselves with the best to be the best. Of course, talent and hard work take you halfway there, but players with good prospects and tangible potential must take their careers into their own hands and go after opportunities (partners) that will bring out the best in them. By choosing a great partner in Padel Tennis, you will elevate your game to theirs.

Sanz Collaborates with the Best Padel Players

Jon Sanz and Antonio Luque

That is precisely what most players do in Padel Tennis, they collaborate with the best in order to rise to their level. In that way, Sanz was smart, always going after players he could learn from. Among the first partners in the WPT professional circuit that Sanz had there was Antonio Luque.

Sanz wanted to move up and better himself as a player. His first strategy was playing alongside a proven player, someone with a track record behind him, and a player who knows how to temper spirits and work the game.

Jon Sanz and Miguel Lamperti

After getting the lay of the land, Sanz played with a couple of different players with whom he could comfortably play his own game and hone it. His next big fish was Miguel Lamperti. By now, Sanz was 21 and making strides in the WPT ranks. He was a young promise, and he had something to prove. This partnership was perfect as it put him to the test: playing with a legend and seeing if he was up to the challenge of being among the best. Sanz rose to it and was able to win a challenger title beside Lamperti. He learned a lot and became even more of a good player; his games were starting to be enjoyed by many.

Jon Sanz and Ale Galan

A few months later, as he was about to start playing with Coki Nieto, whom he called his Padel Crush, Sanz was called on by Ale Galan. Facing a crossroads, he chose to play short-term with Galan and hoped to be able to go back to Nieto at a later date. He was quoted saying that one does not turn down a number one. Playing with Ale allowed the larger public to recognize his talent and amazing game on the Padel courts. Through this partnership, he was able to show Padel fans and players alike what he was made of and the extent of his abilities.

Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto

This partnership has been up to Sanz standards in every way. He has a great relationship with Nieto on and off the court. His partner allows him to be an equal and play a well-thought-out game. The two were very close to beating the number one couple, and that is proof of their athletic compatibility and complicity. Without forgetting to mention the challenger title they won together in 2022, in Torrent, Valencia, Spain.

Keep an eye out for these two; they might surprise everyone!

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