Global Padel Market Outlook

– Executive Summary of Playtomic Report

The purpose of this writing is to provide a summary of the Global Padel Report by Playtomic and Monitor Deloitte. The original report was published in August 2022.

Key findings of the Playtomic and Deloitte Global Padel Report

  • Padel searches in Google have multiplied by three (3x) in the last three years.
  • PADEL strives to become WORLDWIDE & an EXHIBITION SPORT in the Olympics of 2024.
  • Padel is an indoor sport that can be played outdoor. It offers great versatility, as it is possible to build courts anywhere in the world regardless of the weather.
  • There is exponential growth in the number of courts and clubs being built (CAGR +22% 2016-2021), with more investors and court builders entering the market.
  • Clubs play a broad social interaction role as they organize events, classes, and tournaments, and many of them have restaurant services. 57% of Playtomic players “have a drink after playing“.
  • The construction cost of a Padel court is 18.000€ – 30.000€ depending on the quality and location of the Padel club. Transportation and installation cost is normally representing 20% of the total upfront investment. Mainly Padel courts are manufactured in Spain by Spanish companies.
  • The growth of the number of Padel Clubs in Western Europe has been +181% between 2016 to 2021.
  • The number of Padel courts in Western Europe grew +159% between 2016 to 2021. Approximately 25% of the courts was built in 2021.
  • Total investments in Padel courts in the last two (2) years were €279 million in Western-European countries.

“Padel is also a family sport, which can integrate all members of the household – something that is impossible in other individual sports that require a higher physical condition to play even at an amateur level.”
– Fernando Balasteguin, multiyear World Padel Tour champion, Padel club investor

The volume of the “Padel” search word has grown over triple since January 2019.

The graph below shows interest over the last five (5) years from all the searches worldwide. Playtomic report is including similar graph as well, but with an older time range, and due to that reason, we want to use the fresh data in this executive summary.

Source: Google Trends, 28th of March 2023.

When we look at a regional approach of the last 90 days, it is very interesting to see that still, Spain is holding number one and Sweden is following in the second position. We can clearly say that Sweden is also the second most developed country in Padel after Spain. Portugal has raised to the third position as a key neighbouring country of Spain both having good weather conditions all around the year for outdoor Padel courts. Denmark is on the fourth as they are strongly following Swedish market development.

Finland is the fifth on the list of interested countries by region and makes natural sense as it is the country next to Sweden and is probably the third most developed Padel country globally at the moment.

Source: Google Trends, 28th of March 2023

The number of Padel courts has grown significantly in Western Europe and is to continue in volume markets.

In Spain and Italy, most of the courts are with a higher percentage of outdoor courts (60%). In the Nordic countries, Padel has grown mainly as an indoor sport due to weather conditions with more rain, colder days, and winter. There is still a huge room for further growth in the construction of new courts to reach the level of most matured markets. For example, in Spain and Sweden, there is one court for every 3.500 citizens. In the most developed markets like Spain, Sweden, and Finland the number of Padel courts is already more than the number of tennis courts, others like the United States, Canada, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Ireland have huge growth potential.

The average price of a Padel court for 60 minutes is highest in the United Arabic Emirates at €55, followed by Sweden at €40 and Finland at €32. Spain is naturally having the lowest prices with €15 for 60 minutes and partially also due to the tradition of making the booking for 90 minutes. In Spain, there are also strongly performing Padel clubs with over double pricing.

Padel club consolidation has already been started by mainly Swedish Padel club chains and investors and will continue strongly in the coming years.

Padel competitions are increasing, and federations are taking a stronger grip on the development.

Local regional Padel associations are playing an important role to develop the popularity of Padel with national Padel associations. Collaboration, especially between regional and national associations, is the key to the success to create a solid group of future Padel talents. It is good to see that the number of licenses has increased exponentially in the last three years.

The report says that the creation of the World Padel Tour (WPT) has been a real leap forward for Padel. It is important for junior players to have idols they can look up to. In recent years more different nationalities have been able to start competing internationally in Padel. It can be predicted that in the next five years the relative share of Spanish and Argentina Padel players will decrease when Swedish, British and French professionals will succeed in professional Padel competitions on higher levels.

The report is made by Spanish companies Playtomic and Deloitte Spain, they do not mention other official and high professional Padel competitions like Premier Padel which is the most wanted professional Padel competition created by International Padel Federation and Qatar investors. This creates a bit of doubt about how objectively this report can be seen and read.

After publishing the report new PPL Professional Padel League has been launched to the American markets. Also, APT Padel Tour has changed its name to A1 Padel Tour recently.

Paquito Navarro and Marta Ortega are the most followed Padel players worldwide

As the popularity of Padel is increasing in front of a larger audience, let’s have a look at who are the most followed professional Padel players based on the number of Instagram followers.

Top 3 most followed Men Padel players

  1. Paquito Navarro                 520K (475K)
  2. Juan Lebrón                       413K (366K)
  3. Fernando Belasteguín       376K (335K)

Top 3 most followed Women Padel players

  1. Beatriz González               205K (169K)
  2. Marta Ortega                     201K (179K)
  3. Alejandra Salazar              144K (131K)

    number of followers in (“”) on 10.08.2022 and without 28.03.2023

Padel worldwide trends and conclusions from the Playtomic and Deloitte report

  1. Padel has experienced very strong growth in recent years and an increasing number of people have played Padel more than once. This growth is expected to continue and accelerate in multiple markets with high populations worldwide.
  2. Padel has clearly high social engagement than other sports, is easier to enjoy when playing it, and is very affordable with a high price per fun.
  3. Padel is attracting furthermore investors, fans, and celebrities to play Padel and get involved in the growth of the game.
  4. Padel can become the most practiced sport over sports such as tennis.

Final words of the Global Padel Report by Deloitte and Playtomic

All in all, the report is a good example of what can be created when you have a lot of data from the Padel club operations. The report is very long and consists of 115 pages, while it talks about averages and does not yet analyze for example what is the secret sauce of the best performing Padel clubs. Unfortunately, in this light, it stays on a very generic level.

At PADEL1969 we help and advise investors in the Padel industry with our team’s long-term experience of what is working and what we have seen not work in operative Padel business.

You are welcome to contact us and book a confidential phone or video meeting with us at [email protected].

Original publishing date 10.08.2022
Updated: 28.03.2023

Information about the companies

Padel is from Acapulco since 1969. PADEL1969 is an independent research and growth company in Padel. We are the only company that is only dedicated to Padel products, and services and operates worldwide. Our products are high-quality rackets and courts. Our services are market research and projects of new Padel clubs to investors. Our clients can be proud of being part of the Padel community. At PADEL1969 we believe in passion, joy, and integrity. We are proud to create one of the best Padel products in the world. We respect the DNA and history of Padel – from Acapulco since 1969.

Playtomic is Europe’s largest tennis and padel booking app, connecting clubs with more than one million active players in 35 countries. Through the app, players can search and book space for padel, tennis, and other sports at more than 4,600 clubs that use the company’s software solutions.

Monitor Deloitte is the multinational strategy consulting practice of Deloitte Consulting Monitor Deloitte. Specializes in providing strategic consulting services to the senior management of major organizations and governments. It helps its clients address various management areas, including Organic Growth, Strategic Transformation, Innovation and Ventures, Business Design and Configuration, Strategic Sensing, and Insight Services.

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