PADEL - from Acapulco since 1969

The two men – Enrique Corcuera & Señor Alejandro

Back in the 1960s the great inventor of Padel, Enrique Corcuera knew how to have fun. He found a unique way to combine the best elements of Tennis & Squash by inventing Padel in Acapulco in 1969.
Señor Alejandro joined the development of Padel at a later stage. He found out that there is a variety of Padel products offered, but all of them looked the same. It was also a question about the quality of existing Padel products in the market.


Señor Alejandro believes in consistent quality without compromising.

So he started making products for Padel people on his own. One important thing was clear from day one – we only do and focus on Padel. Señor Alejandro became obsessed with the process, and spent multiple years in searching, studying, and experimenting – becoming an expert in producing the highest possible quality Padel products. The brand PADEL1969 has grown its reputation for unusual durability and high-standard.

Our team has over 25 years experience in Padel business and premium products.

May the Padel be with you.

PADEL1969 official players in the UK

Our clients can be proud of being part of the PADEL1969 community. We believe in passion, joy, and integrity. 

We are proud to create one of the best Padel products in the world. We respect the DNA and roots of Padel – from Acapulco since 1969.

PADEL1969 Advisory

At PADEL1969 we respect the history of Padel.
We believe Enrique Corcuera would be
proud of our dedication to Padel only.

The Legacy

When you decide to own a PADEL1969, you are saying goodbye to your other Padel products. The long-lasting quality of one of the leading Padel brands in the world today. An extreme quality based on old-fashioned skills and years of relentless innovation. Nothing is left to chance, nothing is mass-produced, and nothing gets approved that isn’t flawless.

When a PADEL1969 product is finalized, it has been personally inspected. All our products are numbered no matter what the edition is. This is how you can stop searching for a better racket, court, or other Padel products. Our products are made by Padel people to Padel people.

The Warranty

PADEL1969 manufactures what we believe are some of the best Padel products on the planet. Each product we make is built with the purpose of lasting a lifetime. Making it the only Padel court or racket you’ll ever need to own. We say ONE COURT FOR LIFE® by PADEL1969.

That’s why your PADEL1969 products are covered by a long-term warranty. We will repair or replace any PADEL1969 product that we find defective. The warranty excludes damage caused by misuse, accident, self-repair, tampering, or dismantling. 

PADEL1969 court outdoor 2

What we do?

We operate in Global Business Model and sell Premium Padel Courts to B2B clients. This is including e-commerce for consumers to buy Premium Padel Equipment or even Premium Courts to their holiday homes. We focus on creating a better customer experience and user journey for the end consumer.

We advise and manage projects to our B2B clients in creation of Padel destination. With our CLUB MASTERY MANUAL™ by PADEL1969 your Padel destination can become a local benchmark. Our secret sauce is developed over the last decade based on our team’s own experiences and data driven analysis of the best performing Padel Clubs. Our Premium Panoramic Courts and Premium Rackets are favoured by CEOs and Chair people from multiple FORTUNE500 companies.

We create the best value for money Padel products. We are thankful to have satisfied customers all over the globe.

Our mission

to make the exhilarating experience of Padel easily accessible to children, adults and senior citizens.

Our vision

to create internationally scalable Padel concept with a strong brand.

Our values


We have a strong passion for sports and well-being.
What we do, we do well and always with passion.

B2B Premium Products & Services by PADEL1969

We love what we do.
We hope to bring enjoyment and fulfillment to the people of our community.

El Capitan PADEL1969

We are uncompromising in the quality of work we deliver.
We believe in consistency in what we do.

Padel is from Acapulco since 1969. PADEL1969 is the largest Premium Padel court manufacturer and advisory provider.
We live with Passion, Joy and Integrity. We are the only company that is only dedicated to Padel products, and services and operates worldwide. Our products are high-quality rackets and courts. Our services are market research, advisory services, and projects of new Padel clubs to investors. Our clients can be proud of being part of the Padel community. At PADEL1969 we live with passion, joy, and integrity. We are proud to create one of the best Padel products in the world. We respect the DNA and history of Padel – from Acapulco since 1969.