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IPT is a padel tournament where people with and without disabilities can play and have fun together.

Inclusive Padel Tour has a strong vision and mission

The vision is to make Padel the most inclusive sport of the future. We at PADEL1969 truly believe in this very ambitious goal more as Padel is so different racket sports. Their mission is to create a Padel tournament where people with or without disabilities can play and have fun together.

Isn’t it a great ambition to contribute towards people’s well-being in such a strong and concrete way? We think this is highly appreciated and we want to support this by also writing this article.

The History – How IPT was started?

In 2021 Alessandro Ossola, the President of the Bionic People Association invented a new innovative model once after a Padel match to have mixed teams with one disabled player in both teams. This idea was followed by multiple months of training and playing Padel. Finally, the first Italian Inclusive Padel Tour was organized with the support of multiple companies.

Three main initiatives

  • Padel tournaments are organized in multiple different locations in Italy and also in other countries.
  • Sports centers are collaborating with IPT and have partnered with various sports centers to train disabled people.
  • All the players participating in tournaments can earn points based on their performance.

An increasing number of people have participated in IPT tournaments. People have often a background as former professionals in some sports like footballers have been big fans of IPT events.

The Founder – an incredible story of never giving up

Alessandro Ossola was born in Turin (Torino) Italy in November 1987. In August 2015 he had an accident that forever changed her life physically and mentally. Due to the accident, his left leg was damaged badly to the decision by mutual agreement with the doctors to opt for amputation. On a mental level, the change was even greater because he had to start all over again: he had to relearn to walk and to move. It is a big change in how to balance and perception of the brain to be in balance.

Alessandro is also seen as a Bionic Model by participating in fashion shows in Italy and in Paris in the presence of First Lady Brigette Macron during Paris Fashion Week. Mr. Ossola is very sportive and sport was a strong stimulus for him in the recovery process. He started to play golf in the summer and continued to snowboard in the winter. He practices multiple different sports around the year.

He represented Italy in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic in the 100-meter run. This was a great success as he resulted to the finals and placed 6th in the final results.

Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympics – photo credit RJ Mitchell

He is the President of Bionic People which is an amateur sports association made up of people with different types of disabilities who have decided to get involved and tell their stories. The goal is to change the idea that people have about disability. Sports is the key to being able to take control of one’s life – it is very important to maintain sporting activity in all life situations.

Alessandro’s motto is “There’s always more life to live.”

We hope you found this article interesting and insightful. The story of Alessandro and IPT is a great example of how Padel is growing worldwide and faster every year. We are simply amazed and encourage you to share your comments below.

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