Premium PADEL1969 Balls 24×3 (PRE-ORDER)

From 240,00 

Technical information

  • Size: 6.75 cm / 2.66 inc
  • Weight: 58 g
  • Bouncing Rate: 144 – 147cm / 57-58 inc

Our Padel balls are made in a high-quality factory in the United Kingdom by a professional team with experience since 1969. Our Padel balls are the most sustainable option in the markets.

Our Padel balls are made to be 100% recycled. The main features are ultimate performance, high durability, long lifecycle, suits for all courts, pressurized, and the Premium Padel ball of the market. The PADEL1969 balls are in the process of FIP approval by the International Padel Federation.

We offer the best price per quality for our balls. We manufacture the Premium PADEL1969 balls in our workshop in the United Kingdom.

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