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Are you looking for to know more about Padel and eager to try out the fastest-growing sports worldwide? Welcome to the World of Padel! You are at the right time and at the right place. We’ll give a fun factor guarantee – you can be sure you won’t regret. 

At PADEL1969 we have everything you need to know – from all the basics knowledge and rules to the equipment you’ll need.

Why Padel should be my next hobby?

Padel is a social and fun racket sport game! There are no barriers to entry Padel and it’s easy to learn. It is also extremely fun to learn and can be hard to master so beware you might be hooked from the first time. Padel is very good cardio exercising and makes good for your physical and mental health, not forgetting needs to socialise. You can play with your colleagues, friends or family, no matter the age.

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Who can play Padel?

Anyone can play Padel, no matter their physical or racket sport skill levels. You do not need to be athletic. Everyone is playing Padel and you will always find new friends to play and have with. As Padel is really a fit for anyone it is also one of the reasons why Padel is the fastest-growing sport worldwide. Padel is played in doubles and you need only three other people to join the court. Normally a Padel club have their own whatsapp and telegram groups to help you to find missing players.

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How to play Padel?
When you go to play Padel, remember to warm-up your legs and hands. Generally Padel is a low injury risk game, but with warm-up you avoid it for sure. 
  1. Racket – slide your left or right hand through the racket strap and hold the racket with both hands, one around the grip and another supporting it.

  2. Serve – in serving you need to hit the ball to the diagonal service area. Before the white service line in line with the glass wall.

  3. Play – in playing you can use the entire competitors’ side of the court. The ball can only bounce once on the turf and another on the glass.

  4. Mental hack – you need to be patient and keep your performance consistent to create a moment to make the opponents fail.

Let us share a reminder and the most important tip. Padel is a strategy game more than any other racket game. Patience pays off in Padel you more often succeed by hitting smartly instead of hitting hard. Keep yourself calm and during the game keep on going dialogue with your teammate about the next steps in your game tactics. Patience will pay off and make you shine on the court.

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Where to play Padel?

There is an increasing number of Padel destinations worldwide. Simply the easiest way to find Padel clubs or a location with Padel courts is Google Maps. Or general Google search with the keyword Padel + city.

Padel is played already in over 100 countries by more than 25 million active Padel players. Welcome to your local Padel club to enjoy a great game and people. You can easily meet new friends and people to even do business with.

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What are the rules of Padel?

Padel is played in doubles. The rules are governed by International Padel Federation and have been well established for years. 
The score progression take place from 0 to 15, 30 and 40. If both teams have won three points, then a “deuce” is called, after which the first team to score in a row wins the game. 

Definitions of the most important terms in Padel are good to understand and remember.

  • Match = the whole play from the beginning until the end when the winner is found.
  • Set = Two sets need to be won to win the match. A set is won by the team that first wins six games with a two-game difference.
  • Game = Six games are needed to win a set. The game is won based on scores.
  • Score = Scoring starts at zero (can be called love) and go up to 15 and then 30 and then to 40.
  • The Golden point = is a term for the moment of the truth. It is played when the score is 40-40, deuce. The team winning the last serve wins the golden point and wins the game.
  • Point = As the scores in Padel are counted from 0 to 15, from 15 to 30, and from 30 to 40. When you earn your first point you get a score of 15 and the second point takes you to score 30 and the third point takes you to score 40.

How are points calculated?

  • After winning the fourth point, you win a serve and the first game.
  • But if the score is tied 40-40, a team must win the golden point to win a game.
  • To win a set you need to win six games with a two-game difference.
  • When the score is 6-6 a tiebreak defines the winner of the set.
  • To win a tiebreak, you need to get seven points with a two-point difference.
  • The team that first wins two sets wins the match.

There are three sets in each match, with each match containing six games. To win a set, the team needs to have at least a two-game advantage over the other team. To win a match, the team needs to win two out of three sets.

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What is the right wearing to play Padel?

We recommend wearing suitable sports clothing that allows you to play the game, no matter the type of movement. You are good with your sports shorts and shirt. For the shoes, we recommend stiff sneakers with a strong grip which helps your leg work on the court. After a few matches, you might want to buy a pair of specific Padel shoes to avoid potential leg injuries when you become more confident on the court.

For the official matches and tournaments, the attire that players should wear should ideally (but not strictly) be the same for both players of the same team. This is part of the guidelines of International Padel Federation.

There are no strict requirements for shoes. Players can wear any kind of footwear they want, however, anyone who’s even a little bit serious about the sport will wear Padel shoes for their superior grip.

Sleeveless t-shirts and swimsuits are not allowed during official games and wearing these might result in faults or disqualification. 
Of course, keep in mind that these requirements are only for official competitions and not necessarily for casual playing and practice or training.

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What equipment do I need to play Padel?

You need only two equipment to play Padel
1. Padel racket
2. Padel balls

The padel racket is specifically designed to play Padel. Read more about Padel racket basics. In the beginning, you can rent a racket or buy our high-quality Padel racket El Clasico with a lifetime warranty.

Padel balls are different than Tennis balls despite the yellow color. It has lower pressure that makes it fly slower and allows you to hit the ball when it rebounds from the glass walls. 

Normally all the Padel locations have all the necessary equipment waiting for you so you don’t need to stress if you haven’t played before.

How to choose a racket for the start to enjoy Padel?

There are normally three types of Padel racket shapes.

1. ROUND for the beginner players
We recommend starting with a round racket El Clasico with a very good and largest control area. El Clasico racket is for a lifetime no matter how good you become. Every player should have one round El Clasico racket because it is simply the most fun to play with. 

2. TEAR-DROP for the intermediate players
We recommend a tear-drop-shaped racket for more intermediate players who like to play with less control and more power. We have developed an excellent choice for you if you have a strong background in other racket sports and have precise shots.

3. DIAMOND for the advanced players
We recommend you choose a GODFATHER diamond-shaped racket after you have become very good at your control skills and want to have a huge power reserve available. 

We offer all our rackets with a lifetime warranty.

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How Padel is different compared to other racket sports?

Padel is from Acapulco since 1969. The inventor of Padel, Mr. Enrique Corcuera knew how to have fun in sports. He has bored of common racket sports like Tennis and Squash. He had a limited spot in his backyard and he had the vision to create something new, more fun and social than any other racket sport before. Every innovation is a bit of a coincidence and so was the beginning of Padel.  There are over 25 million Padel players worldwide and it is greatly popular for such a young game. The modern form of Tennis originated in England, Birmingham, in the late 19th century. Tennis is played by 87 million people over the globe.
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Padel is at the beginning of its worldwide growth. It is still a rather new game and has been mainly popular in Spain where it is the second largest sport after soccer, European football. Padel has been and still is very popular in Argentina where many of the professional players are from. In the next 10-years Padel will grow exponentially and will become an Official Olympic Game in the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles 2028.
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What should I know about Padel?​

Padel can look the same with Squash or Tennis may look the same, but they are different in everything, including the size of the court, shape, and size of rackets and balls, playing style and teams.

Padel is a 3D game that gives you always a second chance, because of the use of walls. 

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