PADEL1969’s Partnership with M3 Padel Academy

M3 Padel Academy x PADEL1969

PADEL1969 is partnering with M3 Padel Academy to offer our clients high-quality training and a safe space where Padel players are at the center of every endeavor.

PADEL1969 is Advancing Toward New Heights

PADEL1969 is excited to announce its newest strategic partnership, an addition to our team of expert advisors. PADEL1969 is collaborating with M3 Padel Academy. This exciting news is set to revolutionize the PADEL1969 experience.

Adopting M3’s renowned training programs and coaches alongside our premium services from luxurious courts, first-rate advice to avoid rookie mistakes, and high-quality, recyclable equipment will guarantee us unlocking every hidden gem’s potential.

Atte “Alejandro” Suominen sharing views on M3 Padel Academy partnership

Redefining the Padel Landscape

Padel’s rapid popularity growth has presented the opportunity for enthusiasts and professionals alike to advance up the ladder at an unparalleled pace. Our partnership with M3 Padel Academy allows us to create an ecosystem where true sportsmanship can thrive, a place where we can foster a culture where the athlete is at the center of excellence and camaraderie.

As a result of the growing demand for quality Padel training, M3 Padel Academy, a Madrid-based academy, has opened up itself to collaborations with clubs in other countries. This partnership with Padel1969 is a gateway to implementing the M3 training methodology to ensure the success of Padel1969’s clients all over Europe and beyond.

Who is M3 Padel Academy?

M3 Padel Academy is an elite training institution. It was founded by Jorge Martínez, David Morales, and Miguel Matía. The idea behind M3 Academy was Jorge Martinez’s. He believed that Padel is a team sport; therefore, it should be played by proxy of a community. His extensive experience as a Padel trainer and coach, combined with his partners’ business experience, led to the creation of the M3 method.

The M3 method relies on a holistic approach to high-performance sports. The M3 Padel Academy focuses solely on the development of the player and the person. They aim to create elite players by combining physical, technical, and mental training with education through sports and team spirit.

Tailored Training for All Padel Levels

Training with M3 Padel Academy will be game-changing. Tapping into their wealth of expertise and resources will set up our players for new heights. Imagine having access to the same training techniques and strategies that have propelled the likes of Juan Lebron and Eli Amatrian. Whether you’re a seasoned player or an enthusiastic beginner, this is your chance to expedite your Padel journey, elevate your level, and hone your skills.

Nurturing Padel with the Youth

Our partnership with M3 Padel Academy is not only about creating an ecosystem where Padel thrives but also about creating a safe space for youth who are interested in high-performance sports and are looking for guidance. Our collaboration will help us focus on cultivating young talent and fostering the next generation of Padel players. We plan to emphasize youth development through specialized coaching, mentorship, and tournament support. As a young sport, Padel would benefit immensely from stronger youth leagues. Identifying and nurturing the next generation of Padel superstars will ensure a brighter future for Padel.

David G Campos
David G Campos

Transforming Courts into Launchpads of Success

Integrating our state-of-the-art court facilities and advisory program with M3’s exceptional training program and multilingual coaches will help us present our clients with the best in the business. A synergetic ecosystem where players of all levels and ages are welcome to engage with their favorite sport and like-minded enthusiasts — what we call at PADEL1969 your tribe. Our courts will be the canvas for your success. Our goal is to unlock the potential of anyone (athlete or amateur) who steps onto our turf.

This groundbreaking collaboration between PADEL1969 and M3 Padel Academy marks a new era in Padel. Together, we will redefine the Padel landscape. Do not miss out on your shot; contact us for more info!

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