Elevate Your
Padel Training

Introducing Our Automatic Ball Launcher!

What is Slinger Padel?

Introduce a new dimension to your padel training with our automatic ball launcher. You no longer have to rely on a training partner it allows you to train on your own and at your own pace.

It is easy to use and adapts to any space and surface, so you can practice indoors or outdoors. Personalise your training with the different configurations offered by Slinger Padel.

It is an automatic ball launcher for padel training with more than 1000 hours of development and testing behind it. Lightweight and versatile.

The oscillating platform allows you to add horizontal oscillation to the launcher. Its design allows the slinger bag to be positioned on top of it without any problem.

The telescopic tube facilitates ball collection. The tube collapses and expands easily. It has capacity to collect 20 balls.

Positioning on the court

Depending on the configuration and positioning of the slinger padel on the court you will be able to practise serves, offensive and defensive tactics. We teach you the basics. however, don’t hesitate to get creative and have fun trying!

Forehand, backhand and return exercises

Serving practice

Offensive training

Defensive training

Lightweight and versatile padel launcher

Frequently asked questions

Slinger allows you to modify:

  • The speed of the ball.

  • The angle of the ball.

  • The spin of the ball.

  • The ball launch frequency.

Slinger allows you to practice all strokes, such as:

  • Baseline shots.

  • Off- the wall shots.

  • Volleys

  • Bandejas.

  • Smashes.

Slinger’s battery has a battery life of three and a half hours.

Slinger can throw the ball at a speed of up to 73 km/h.

Slinger is suitable for players of all levels, from beginners to professional players.