Open your
Padel court
Fast and Easy

The planning process can be a walk in the park.

Starting is tough,
but it's the first step to success.

Executing a padel project
without expert guidance
can be a headache!

1. Location

Finding a location takes time and is difficult.​ The selection of location is the most important decision to build a sustainable competitive edge.

2. Planning process

How to deal with the pre-planning and planning process to get all the necessary permits.​

3. Expert reports

You might need noise and light pollution expert reports to the planning process.​

4. Contractors

Find and select the right contractors to build concrete foundations and canopy providers.​

5. Padel court provider

How to choose a Padel court provider who you can trust and who will deliver quality on time.

We recommend
by PADEL1969.

6. Project management

How to manage your project since planning to the opening party. While knowing that normally most construction projects go over budget and delivery time is delayed.​

Don't lose more time - time is money.

Padel is a new sport in the UK and not only to players but also to local councils, local contractors, architects, construction project managers, etc. This is normal in all new markets, but don’t you want to open your club faster than your competitors?

Very often new entrants in Padel sectors repeat the same rookie mistakes that have been made in multiple other more developed and matured Padel markets like Sweden and Finland.

We have the expertise to help you to focus on the right things from day one.

Turning Challenges into

Open your Padel Court


Location Scouting

PADEL1969 helps you efficiently locate the ideal padel court site by leveraging our extensive network and experience in site selection.


Our dedicated team assists you in obtaining the necessary permits, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Environmental Reports

We facilitate the planning process by connecting you with expert environmental consultants who provide essential reports on noise and light pollution.

Contractor Selection

We guide you in choosing experienced contractors for concrete foundations and canopy installations from our trusted network.

Padel Court Provider

PADEL1969 helps you connect with reliable, quality-focused Padel court manufacturers, ensuring timely delivery and superior product quality.

Project Management

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Thanks to PADEL1969, our Padel club dream became a reality in no time. The pre-planning application was submitted and swiftly approved by the local city council.

Their Level 3 fast track package made the entire process incredibly easy and efficient, saving us valuable time. The one-stop-shop experience they provided simplified everything, making it a smooth journey to open our Padel club.

I've already recommended PADEL1969 to other Padel project owners in the UK, and with good reason. Their approach is straightforward, and their service is exceptional. Thank you, PADEL1969, for your invaluable support in realizing our Padel club vision.
Private Client

Fast track packages

With us you have a fast track from day one of planning to first year anniversary party.
We care of your success and if you choose us, you become our priority.

Level 1

  • Knowledge and caring assistance to pre-planning process
  • Technical details of steel structure
  • Technical details of glasses
  • Technical details of sports grass

Level 2

  • Knowledge and caring assistance to pre-planning process
  • Technical details of steel structure
  • Technical details of glasses
  • Technical details of sports grass
  • Technical details of lights
  • Fire resistance report

Level 3

  • Knowledge and caring assistance to pre-planning process
  • Technical details of steel structure
  • Technical details of glasses
  • Technical details of sports grass
  • Technical details of lights
  • Fire resistance report
  • Structural engineers’ validation report
  • Guidelines to construct foundation or designing customer journey of your club


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Padel is from Acapulco since 1969.

PADEL1969 is an independent research and growth company in Padel.
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We sell our Ultimate Padel Club concept and run projects to the investors with one-stop-shop. The concept includes advisory and all the necessary for a successful Padel project. Our clients are real estate investors and Padel club chains looking for growth in the fastest growing sports. From us the client gets full concept easily and cost-efficiently that delivers high ROI. Contact us at [email protected] for more information and we help you to succeed in Padel business. Or schedule straight away a meeting with us and talk with an advisor.

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